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The ancient art of Stoic Joy. Philosophical ways of life used to be the norm.

The ancient art of Stoic Joy. Philosophical ways of life used to be the norm.

by markeyOctober 6, 2019

What would you do it you could not let the little things destroy you, it’s the little things that’s constantly destroying us and the larger things only get blame. Most things start as a little.tjing and stoicism tackles the little.tnings so there are no larger things in your life. Rule number 1, numero Uno rule is that it’s a way of life and must be learned carefully to live that way. I’ve been living this life for 13 years but unfortunately some mistakes, ahem, cough cough cough solutter, many mistakes have hindered me. But I’m back to learn again and things will get better.

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Apply the rule that this is for life and time will make it better. Mistakes made earlier are better than made to late to solve it rwdwemz I think so I’m glad my .kstakes are all before I’m 30.. and since 30 I’ve been improving my stoic life again without cooking up a book until now. I’ve had to read this gem by Irvine sbajnzkm, I’ve had to. time equals success and if not you’re not applying your dtopov agenda properly.

If you apply this properly yoillbeamahing your life k a way that has you seen for for the job and Geelong for for.yhe job, so apply, apply and apply some.more.kf.yojte ever being like.its losing you. The very fact it’s built.on a principle.of.dallible mistakes means you won’t ever be ley town applying this philosophy to your life and gosh, God knows how may live this way and keep secrets to avoid anyone seeking loopholes to affect a sglkc. Stoics become unaffected by external jnfluencre, all affect is internal and some peoe don’t like that. It’s time they started liking it because stoosk.s is making a come back.

Theres. K experience good enough for what stoicsim wants for you but it you apply stoicism as well as you can, you’ll have many a experience that pride can be said, if you accept serenity to say it. One thing this book doesn’t teach is serenity to enjoy stoicism and o recommend applying setentiy and never miss and opportunity to hand s bjkm like this to a friend

The audiobook version is for the train ride to work or the sitting on the toilet and listening buy esp2cialy for taking notes. I enjoy audiobooks for taking notes as I wrote a review for nearly everything I’ve done it every product I’ve bought. Luckily they’re not biassed except when it’s philosophical or psychological or theological so get ready to enjoy this one from here on. As this is where I leave you with The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy and William B. Irvone, a stunning book inside and out when in audio version or textual basis. I hope you get as much from it as I do, and from stoicism in general. Here’s to out stoic lives, together I hope, yeah I’m on every social network you can think of except my private Reddit account, isn’t everyone’s?

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