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The best place to begin traveling? Edinburgh? Málaga? Beijing?

The best place to begin traveling? Edinburgh? Málaga? Beijing?

by markeyDecember 21, 2019

Is down the Málaga Spain coastlin for us or is it closer than we think. Or into longer destination beginnings with traveling around Asia beginning at the most populous city offered at China and of course at its best and most importantly the most populous country in the world. Or is second place for population the more truer way of looking at this?

You can have the cold, wet and a windy Edinburgh, always a good choice, especially their hostels. The mixture of culture here, leveling you beyond imagination once again, populous mixture of culture fulfilling your next steps on travel or where you want to go next. Ensuring that you don’t forget the odd word you’ve picked up in another language, you are all set to travel more and more. I can see myself traveling again once a windy willow passes by but the starting points have changed. Mummy could be a call for some therapy, cooking for mum and friends and family a great pleasure.

We don’t have much cultue where I come from. If you blew in you’re not going to become a different culture overnight, in fact you blend right in where I’m from. It’s better to experience from international cities, like international airport cities which Edinburgh, Málaga and Beijing have in common. They have the therapeutic flight destination down to a t. Not dotted, that’s an I. Crossed the line and won your way into your new traveling life. The promising sides of all three cities are two alcohol culture and one not known to be an alcoholic beverages culture, Asia, Beijing, not really known for a beer. Yes enjoy one or two responsibly but the echo from my past chances from drinking too much and drowning out my support for traveling, easily done when most travelers are less than 30 and never really above 35, or so, I wasted a good chance at traveling friends so learn the hardest way and tackle them Beers or wait it out and earn yourself some traveling buddies. They prefer you sober most of them, from my knowledge it was ‘hey good morning:, ‘have you sobered up.’ but not liking it at all as a traveling buddy’s best habit. Real travelers have real goals unlike beer eyes moi. Not anymore though, 31 now. Totally calm on the alcohol, easy peasy.

That’s what you need to be planning to get in with the backpackers crews. They’re seeking sane and sorted, not doo lally alcoholic drinks men and women. You get them, sure I done it twice. Edinburgh and Málaga, in fact so much so at Edinburgh I had to be moved between homes. Hostels. I didn’t have a clue it was my alcoholic beverages issues keeping people on their back foot than on their front foot. Eventually I’d end up with friends saying they’d rather be alone for a while. Sure I just didn’t know. The importance is that I started backpacking at two different international airport cities. Sure Munich could he another option. Didn’t mention that one in the title but it could tickle your famcy, especially if you like German Beers. Yeo hey ho honey we are at the center of the universe when backpacking, meeting the others. Makes you feel kind of sad about the people who have booked themselves into expensive hotels where the guests don’t know how to connect with each other apart from passing chit chat. Does indeed. Backpacking will see you right, right back at your school language classes, at hostels mainly. That’s where the connections happen.

So you’ve got Munich, Málaga, Edinburgh, Beijing as international airport cities to start your backpacking in and I’ve been to three of them, amazing experiences checking out the different sights and attractions. If backpacking is for you it’s a hostel and any of these cities you want to begin in. Maybe even let’s add a more adventurous one Tokyo. Bless you and peace be with you. Okay rock yourself in this place tonight.

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