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The end of homelessness worldwide. Just £1.

The end of homelessness worldwide. Just £1.

by markeyFebruary 17, 2020

If you carry just £1 in your pocket or a few you can help to end homelessness starting today..

You see homeless people beg and need you help. They can beg enough with your £1.

Without your £1 they have nothing.

Getting everything you can out of all you’ve got is a book by zig ziglar. Homeless people have only got you, the public. And no matter how hard we try; there is always going to be people who end up homeless as long as the government isn’t providing shelter.

As a member of the public it’s your duty to carry a few coins. You know homeless people exist and they need you now not later. They can beg enough for a home with your £1.

You see it’s not their fault..

And they are suffering.

You have to be an upstanding member of society and remember your heart reminds you of what is righteous to do. You’re not alone feeling cringe worthy when you don’t have £1 but you can change that today.

It really isn’t hard to grab a box of coins from the bank so wherever you go in the world..

You have spare change.

Spare any change please?

Change is necessary for homeless people to get shelter until the government overhauls the system which they’re not doing anytime soon. This is your opportunity to be really, very charitable and make a difference to the world.

This is the one and only solution to homelessness without protesting the government to change.. you can be that change starting today.

I don’t want to dismay the homeless any longer.. I have to reach out with my findings sooner rather than later. They’re not drug addicts; they’re failures. And who wants to see somebody fail breaking their heart at the same time.

The thing is.. you owe this to yourself not the homeless. You’re the spare change they need. They’re less likely to buy drugs the more money that they have and with shelter; proper shelter.

Don’t delay them their needs today. Be the spare change they need and ‘spare change,’ like a lightbulb moment in disguise as a charitable entrepreneur projects coordinator’s dream come true.

Everyone carrying at least £1. Wherever they go in the world. It’s important for the loveliest people you could meet to teach you a lesson about what you want out of life.

And what do you want out of life?

A burdened heart or a happy heart?

A happy one of course!

So let not your heart burdened be and take center stage in your life. Don’t delay and beat the heartache today.

You can also help poverty for free by subscribing to my website. On the front page you’ll find an area to submit your email address to receive a poem per day, poetry for poverty.

How to end homelessness once and for all

Just £1 is the only true answer. Carrying just £1 or a few quid in your pocket for homeless will mean their begging will never be unsuccessful again.

This idea needs to catch on fast and sooner rather than later I’ll find a way to have the idea catch on.

In Finland 60% or so of people given a home broke their bad habits within days of having a home. Just like your £1 will provide.

This is the only real permanent solution to homelessness. There isn’t any other permanent solution than this or government footing the bill for decent respectable shelter. Not homeless shelters; respectable two bedroom property.

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