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The niche, finding a niche poem

The niche, finding a niche poem

by markeyJune 6, 2020

Everybody loves to choose a niche, here is poem about the topic niche. Subscribe and enjoy a poem per day to your inbox.

A niche poem from the niche blog about poems,
This niche you say,
Will it make you sway?
There is my niche blog nearly all about poems.

This blog to your blog,
A niche can be anything, anytime, anywhere,
It’s only fair,
Break out into blog.

Break out into song?
Blog, blog, blog, break out into blog,
Don’t train your dog,
Speak to Wong.

We are looking up, down, up, down,
Not easily looking down,
Turn that down upside frown,
Oops I fumbled down.

This niche we look,
It’s everything and cook,
Good galore, maybe some more,
But we aren’t channel four.

Swaying you here, swaying you there,
Warning; sensitive topics are exactly where?
Let’s not fret about the worry,
We drive away in the lorry.

Stand back from the platform edge please,
It’s London tube we can’t breathe, wheeze.
Fairly, surely, steady to the shore,
We don’t mean to be a bore.

Ask the niche to reveal their self and maybe it’s too varied to tell,
Is that really supposed to be lifestyle, haircuts and gel?
Funnel your style, your lifestyle and your plans,
Walk along with the fans.

Steady, steady, to the field,
It’s time for football and yield,
3-nil, 3-nil, 3-nil,
To the mighty blues until.

The next season it’s the reds and all,
To compete again for the cup so tall.
Footie season comes back to shore,
Steady, steady football back for more.

Find your niche and join the fans,
Football is the way some never sans,
Likely we will watch them play,
Let’s see how far we say.

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