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The ultimate end of the world conundrum, most people are in poverty solved with one bank account

The ultimate end of the world conundrum, most people are in poverty solved with one bank account

by markeyNovember 8, 2019

So the end of the world is nigh. Really nigh. Sorry to burst your bubble and guess what? You already know it. Most of the world are living in poverty that can be solved with one bank account. Aren’t we a sad species? A very sad species that as the only intelligent species to make money we won’t divide thekney upon the most needy even when shit hits the fan and nobody has hope.


For whatever reason they been keeping us in poverty over one bank account we may never know because poverty will exist continuing the last 15 years left. Oh yes I did burst your bubble more than most do, we have 16 years left to create a happy ending for everyone but we are all still on poverty, aren’t we such a gross species as the intelligent species. The head of states sit on trillions of money they won’t share and divide into obliterating poverty once and for all, nah they just sit on the grand thrones made from money they poor have need for. All the world leaders are sitting on mountains of money while the poor suffer and they, the world leaders, eat banquets of food served from poor farmers struggling to make ends meet too.

Oh evil knows there’s an end and it’s not giving up it’s game of keeping poverty stricken people sad and unhappy. Who is this evil that at 15 years to go leaves people unable to afford clothing or good or a ticket around the world. Everyone at this stage should have the dollar for travelling the world and they don’t. Well there goes humanity, I hope we go extinct within days for this ominous crime against humanity! Or I don’t. Whichever you believe is right. Continue making people suffer because of money or end the suffering once and for all, one way or another.

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