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Too much formation, not enough reformation, the digusting disgrace we live with

Too much formation, not enough reformation, the digusting disgrace we live with

by markeyNovember 6, 2019

Evolutionary periods have ended, breakthroughs have not. Reformation has not happened got donkeys years and it’s needed right now, right here, right away. We have ran out of time for waiting for evoliutionary reformation. The time is now.

isEvolutionary process had given us righteousness over disgrace and upholding gracefulness over disgracefulness. That is of course if somebody could pull the sword from the stone but as they say, live by sword, die by sword. So no swords in stones please. Espionage I pity you, your not so spineless efforts being burnt every minute the hippies ignore how you went, or stupidity fears your feats of bravery and comradery doing what was asked of you. You weren’t doing anything not wanted, the world now sits and watches in disgust as nothing happens to their figure because the ignorance of the largest society on earth doesn’t penetrate your forgiveness for anyone’s lack of effort, or too much effort like me. Yes o fo apologise but I commend you on your bravery, who does what you do without being so very brave is no one. No one does what you do without having brave courageous passionate strengths and weaknesses and not caring as long as you are supported in your endeavours. It’s a shame I couldn’t have been part of the time spent nurturing a greener earth, and a greener future once someone does the talking, real talking about an actual real amnesty supported by the masses but they have no voice as big as they need so they tell what they want and do what they do not because it’s necessary but because they’re not slow either.  Your dignity will find its way some day soon I’m sure. If it’s not their choice it’s not your action and the bravery and comradery to formentioned efforts must have made a tiny scream in one’s head bating for sanity and thinking how on earth can that be done and survive.

Imagine I’m talking shit though. Though does a good man shit in the toilet? He does. I’ve been treated like shit and so have we all but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I’ve been connecting my strengths and weaknesses and who those depend on have all left my side, and I don’t think I can accept a normal life after being ignored so long. Yes I’ll live on as long as they do but I won’t be working hard, I can’t see any pleasure in it any longer. My resilient nature is here but it’s run out for some things and I can’t change that. You’re welcome to give it a go to recover me with some integrity but even that won’t work with most of my problems I have now. Keeping it all together was hopefully leads scary than watching it all fall apart. Extinction rebellion is your answer to your good deeds and mine also but I did my work before and I’m still financially poor. I don’t deserve this investment lacking poor firm man. I’m firm, I’m courteous, I have manners, I care very much and I know very little. I’ll be a gentleman til the day I day. Like ‘what contempible scoundrel stole the cork from my bottle’ It was me sir, sorry sir, I was thirsty sir.

Most people know what they’re doing is wrong but will it be worth it in the end? I’m not one of the people guaranteed to know and would like to be. By being left to have external and internal peace. It can’t even ever happen while my £2.1 million business is stolen by a rich business shark. So I’m not guaranteed to be around forever or longer than necessary, and hats necessary when you reach rock bottom and still nobody cares you have £2.1 million stolen from you and nobody to help get it back.

The person who took it is able to because there is still too much effort to formations and not enough for reformations. It’s like football, change the formation and forget insanity. I’m bored with seeing the pretty man’s work, his decisions not mine, but I’m left with nobody to see it, nobody else got that hand. I didn’t even knows there is a thingy ma bobber in the sky. So please always remember to tell people not to hold me accountable because this was since 4,5, or 6 years old I was an atheist. So ‘what contempible scoundrel stole my business and what hero is going to get it back for me?

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