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Travelling in the Portal from London to Northern Ireland

Travelling in the Portal from London to Northern Ireland

by markeyMarch 11, 2020

It took about 15 minutes to travel from Oxford Street to Newry, Northern Ireland.

I was lay sleeping and next 15 minutes I was lay sleeping back in Northern Ireland where I so dearly wanted to be.

15 minutes later I woke back up in London again..

Travelling in the Portal.

So people don’t believe in God and neither do I. I’m an atheist. But God decided to intervene in my life and traumatise the life out of me.

He put me in the portal twice in my life. Once he lifted me from one side of Oxford Street to the other because someone tried to hurt me. Secondly he lifted me from Oxford Street to Newry, Northern Ireland. It took about 15 minutes from London to Newry and about a few seconds from one side of Oxford Street to the other.

God is a God of war however so there’s nothing special about lifting me through the Portal and rising me from being stabbed to death. He even fixed the tears in my clothes from the stabbing. It’s just traumatic events God has in store for me to hurt me more. But at least I know the portal exists because I’ve been in it. When you’re in it you don’t know anything except coming out the other side of it.

He lifted me twice in the portal and rose me from the dead once. When I got stabbed to death by a man from Fermanagh. God said he’s not alive anymore. I feel sorry for him because he shouldn’t have been able so stab me when God was present.

Shouldn’t have stabbed me to death but as said it’s only a God of war traumatising me. Because I’m such a simple good human God knows exactly how to traumatise someone. If he had good plans for the portal in my life he would stand me up and let me have fun with it. Put the dollars in my pocket and let me have fun with it.

There might actually be millions of Gods and I’m only with the heavenly father through his choice. Portal me this Portal me that. Who’s afraid of the big black bat. God actually fears me because I’m the end of the world.

People have been promising me to avenge God for what he’s done to me for 10 years now but they don’t do it. They have their ways but they’re not doing it. Anyhow the portal exists but so do evil Gods. Gods that created creatures that crawl into children’s eyes and make them blind. That kind of God. Maybe the one and only real God is evil too. Why would he traumatise me if he’s not evil?

I’m left with nothing because God wouldn’t let anyone invest in my business including family members and I lost it. Ending up homeless for God to control everything around me. He controls everyone’s minds to create an evil world that wouldn’t otherwise be evil.

You’d love to portal around the world and he could have done it for just about anyone or anything yet he allows the evil to endure until the very end. Yes we are at the end of the world and God is still evil. A lying Trump (trumpet) which is in the Bible about the end of the world and trumpets. Warren another sign that he wants to out England into war. Significant for the end of the world because eradicating England would be the end of the world.

We can only wish to avenge god for his lies but considering he’s in control of everyone’s minds we can’t even do that. The portal could have existed for anyone who needs it yet people get murdered all the time, just with me it was more traumatic to let me survive the situation.

Conclusion and wrapping up

God is an evil God that wants to traumatise as many people he can in the worst ways possible. Finding someone with thousands of friends lonely and dead then rising me from dead to portal me was the best finale for traumatic events before the world has to end, literally ending.

God only wants to traumatise people and that’s why it’s possible to traumatise people because that’s all God wants to do to us. Even the believers are traumatised and murder each other and die of cancer, hiv etc. Out next aids pandemic is upon us already as well as covid19 virus, more trauma for the masses and hiv death is a horrible death, so we’re told. I’ve yet to know of anyone who can’t be healed from hiv. They already have the treatment, now it just takes rolling that treatment out.

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