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V is for victory

V is for victory

by markeyNovember 15, 2019

Would you look at you, it’s as if you’ve been through the the wars said nobody ever. As they knew they’d sent me to go through them alone.

This world ain’t no place for friendship. It’s turned into a one for all and all for none. One versus all and all versus one. I’ve been fighting just about everything that comes into contact with me and all contolled by the vicious evil man they call God.

People that didn’t even know they are attacking me were attacking me, threatening me and playing their methods of attack, little did I know nobody could stop God, that’s why it went on for so long as this.

Mother has left me, friends and family because there’s no victory over God they knew he was going to pit all against me and he did and still is. I can’t do anything that he hasn’t got a person being nasty to me. Staff at Gordon’s hospital are all nasty and if only I could have them on camera people would see what nasty God is when he chooses to be.

He chooses to hide his omnipresent moments or integration of all time omnipresent with us. There is no victory against a cowatd, just look at the level of detail his evil goes on my newly blown snatters.

I’m a raver baby so why don’t you kill me. I never thought God kills people nowadays, don’t even believing in God nevermind he is personally killing us. Whether we like it or not. God doesn’t do what we like for some reason and evil his agenda forever it must seem so. No proof otherwise.


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