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We are the broken poem

We are the broken poem

by markeyAugust 4, 2020

We can see you.
You don’t care.
You’re a politician.
We depend on you.

It’s been weeks homeless.
Weeks without a home.
While you live like a billionaire.
You forgot about us.

You haven’t brought us to our knees.
We know you know about us.
Wait for the best, the real beat.
You’re up against an ocean.

You won’t use us to take the ocean.
We will take the ocean to rid of you.
The ocean won’t take us for you.
This is the warning that we are free.

You broke us with your fake life.
The promises you made to us paupers.
You don’t think we are stupid do you?
We know you think we’re stupid.

We’ve got you too God, you can’t talk.
What have you done to save us homeless.
All we need is a rent and deposit and a boost.
That would last us years but no, we get nothing.

We aren’t the only ones there’s the poor.
The ones living on breadline.
You’re frigging billionaire running USM
Give us some respect.

We don’t even need to rhyme this off.
It’s known you don’t care about us.
Your news, your politics, your everything.
Nothing is for us.

You held us in your hands as we were babies.
Then left us out to dry up with no water.
You left the world poor with your system.
God you aren’t INNOCENT either.

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