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What’s the story behind the front page? Poetry for poverty.

What’s the story behind the front page? Poetry for poverty.

by markeyFebruary 1, 2020

What’s the big idea?

Some of us don’t know how easy we get it. We are the people that have phones and email and social media and we can be charitable just as easily as posting on Facebook.

Yes I’m writing about the front page of my website

If you visit my website you’ll find I’m a charitable project coordinator. This means that I reinvest nearly all that I earn into charitable projects.

This means that for a poem per day, let’s not ruin your heroism, I’ll earn from advertising and I’m the first in your inbox to be the go to guy to see what project I’ve been working on.

It’s a novel idea. I’m no expert on charitable causes but I’ve found its failure of many people to be a heartache for me. So you’ll also relieve my burden from the problems I’m discovering.

If you really want to know why I need your help take this story about Harry (name changed for privacy purposes,). I helped while on benefits myself. That’s why your help is so important.

Harry’s story

Harry was on the verge of existence not being so great anymore. He had reached his tether on the bounds of his working life and his financial ability. He had reached the end of the line. The homeless or not situation. Then mark comes and rescues him with a financial non burdening amount to get him back on his feet.

End of storytelling

As you can see there’s no harm in what I do. I just need your help to subscribe and help me save people like Harry.

That’s the story behind the front page. Isn’t it fabulous that I don’t waste your time fabricating too much about richness and whatnot I suffice with my poetry because of you. And you can unsubscribe at any time. I am a charitable cause as I was also homeless myself and there you have it, the finale, like poetry but storytelling, I am the charitable cause you’ve been waiting to endure. Endure at your peril, my poetry is as bad as my storytelling. Thank you and please subscribe below or on the front page.

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