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While waiting for housing all it takes is one sip

While waiting for housing all it takes is one sip

by markeyFebruary 17, 2020

If I could have one cold or hot drink with everyone I help I’d be rich in friendship and overly so. One sip of a cold or not drink with me would take time out of my busy schedule helping people. Time is a virtue and must be taken seriously so why aren’t the mental hospital taking your time seriously?

I think it’s a matter of fact that you don’t know why and neither do I. Why are you waiting for housing so long and why is it supported living they’re offering you? Can they not just give you rent and deposit for your own place and get it over and done with. Can they not for the sake of it?

I’ve been helping poor people since I was a kid, and it doesn’t change there, people still disrespect poor people and don’t help them including the government. Many people are homeless with mental health problems so be thankful you’re getting anything at all. Except with me my goal is to pay your first rent and deposit, bearing in mind the funds need to be available for you. Until they get the housing crisis sorted like Finland did (weather probably the only reason why.) We’re not going anywhere fast without someone like me to pay your first month’s rent and deposit.

We’re not inept at living, we’re just challenged by the way that things prevail for us. To prevail the mental health system would be to get your first month’s rent paid asap. If you want to beat the mental health system then I’m your answer. I collaborated with many people who needed help with things like this and helped them into new lives just like that. I also befriend you and spend time on you solicited by you firstly.

You’re welcome to ask any questions about mental health hospital and paying your rent without them making you wait for supported living, which usually isn’t that great because you ain’t allowed anyone inside your home. Sure that’s not much good is it?

Where they realise that the 80s council system and social housing system worked better; before during the 80s when they actually built council housing, is where they find the equilibrium to offset homelessness by a large majority. And help mental health patients to have a home faster than a year or so. That’s an awfully long time to wait for housing.

I have decided to take it into my own hands to help as many mental health hospital victims get the housing they deserve faster than you can with traditional methods. I’ve decided that you can have your home immediately because after first month’s deposit and rent the council housing association pays the rest for you so why not pay your first setup fee for you.

We’re not looking at a miracle to get you your mental health housing problem sorted. We’re looking at a charitable entrepreneur’s way of doing things for you, get it over and done with and bobs your uncle. No fuss housing crisis for mental health patients sorted and sanely, with support from a successful entrepreneur. Forbidden to ignore any message from you at any time.

Also in the mix is the fact that I’ve survived mental health and I openly call myself a mental health survivor. You’ll have all my contact details including social media and we will do it the sane and sorted way. Okie doke I say to that and without further ado we must end our sales pitch, even though it’s charitable I still have to sell you my help with a promise you’ll receive everything you need and more than you imagined when you have your new home, providing the funds are readily available. Thank you.

So what exactly am I offering you?

The thing is that you already know that you need a miracle with the current housing situation and I’m a charitable entrepreneur at This means that permitting the funds are available you will be able to make use of those funds immediately as soon as you solicit me for it.

You can solicit me via the contact form below or above. And through my Facebook page I hope that you will enjoy your day today and that we will work together soon.

Also please watch this mental illness (conspiracy minds) video on 3 habits that are keeping you mentally unwell.

If there’s no wind row. Row row row your boat gently down the stream.

Concluding and wrapping up

This may be your only chance to become a mental health patient with a home. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed because of scams and other reasons. But I’m saying to contact me and you’ll find some way to find your house I hope.

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