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White supremacy doesn’t exist but it’s winning

White supremacy doesn’t exist but it’s winning

by markeyJune 6, 2020

Asking some questions to people in London one was ‘who’s winning which supremacy or white supremacy’, answer being ‘white.’ It was first question I’ve ever asked on the topic. Second question was not a question but a comment on the internet, news or social media, and it was ‘white supremacy doesn’t exist statistically or have any basis as fact’, so we have two pro commentary from society and good to hear opinion among us.

This however, has not jaded me about society thoughts whenever one states it doesn’t exists statistically and others thinking one is winning. Great times spent in London led to asking random questions as an atheist pro good, pro goodness type. Then I discovered I don’t believe white supremacy exists either but there is supremacy in that those who ‘succeed as per society norms,’ and those who hap hazardly don’t. Everyone lives as per their own beliefs because possibly they rarely discuss them. Don’t really know I’m not confident about asking questions about people’s deeper beliefs.

Gladly before either of these answers were made aware to me I didn’t think much about asking people what they believe in but often talk about what I do. Angel cards came up once and other philosophy got me thinking about life philosophy and the barrier to failure and success. Does everyone want to succeed? Why do some fail? How is white supremacy’winning, is it winning statistically. I haven’t looked yet and it’s a surprise the data we can search. However, I’m not searching and taking a guess it’s probably statistically average all around when it comes to supremacy. You have your own supremacy, and it is what it is. Don’t take no for an answer and why not? It probably doesn’t exist.

I hope you wouldn’t go searching if it does when you could search ways to help charity or Reddit, or forums or books or YouTube and beyond. I wouldn’t want to know if it does so I won’t search but I have friends from all around the planet and we are all in different situations so I would say it doesn’t.

This isn’t about that this is about approaching a topic accidentally when living in London and experiencing two different perspectives of which i choose to believe one over the other. And I would like to enjoy that with yourself if you think so too.

Living a life isn’t at all exactly easy and opinion we have among us helps us thrive these were discussions with the average person just like it is in real life every day opinion for a tough topic.

In fact here are some other opinions from twitter on white supremacy. I have no extreme interests in political topics so here is the opinion of me that doesn’t know why to believe every opinion and I think it’s great to say your opinion, not for the fact it’s an easy topic at all, it’s difficult but if it rocks your boat or settles your row. It could and it might not, who’s to say this diffcult topic shouldn’t be backed up with some social signals and ideas direct from twitter.

Pardon the French this is an adult blog with views and opinions on many topics, please excuse the first tweet found on twitter on searching.

Secondly let’s announce the next five fresh tweets on 6th June 2020.

Honestly? Too much swearing but we must pardon it for the content on that day between different people around the world. There is a strong opinion that it doesn’t really exist because of differing opinions not being too strongly for, not too strongly against? Or the swearing is too much to handle? Both for me. It’s different opinions from around the world.

Let’s not look at this too much detail here are cool tweets fresh from the twitter database but pardoning the French explicits we shouldn’t forget this is actual opinion of different people who could almagamate the argument and solve it? I don’t know but I don’t have a personal opinion than knowing other people’s opinions. Your opinion should probably be as good as my own and here are real opinions from this year 2020.

We don’t know the answer because why would we search does it exist. There are comments below to answer the questions about this topic. Feel free. This blog is a charity blog and all proceeds go to charity.

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