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Who said bumbags are dead?

Who said bumbags are dead?

by markeyNovember 1, 2019

Someone somewhere put the bum bag out of style and someone somewhere put it back in style. Thw bumbag is worn with pride all-around London and its not going away even though Londoners don’t seem to be catching on. No matter how many times a Londoner, Britiah citizeen I still see only manbags on these labelled ones which can be made much better with wearing a bumbag, y:know, fitting in, looking European, boring remain and all that malarkey. I don’t think the bum bag trend died Jan lot of European countries but us Brits we killed it, pissed on it and buried it. It’s wasn’t that we hated it, we just like burying trends z good trends, must be something in the water. Making us feel threatened by anything that’s a good trend.

In saying all that your expecting me to be some sort of expert on bum bags and the whole fascination with a dead fad! Gosh britian sometimes I hate you a lot. As a kid I loved my fanny pack but considering you killed the trend I lost so much stuff I’d never have lost with amy bum bag. How’s that for being annoyef at a culture. If your culture did it to you too, come to london, see, feel, breathe the bum bag and you got your idea on what colour you’ll buy, what brand, if any brand etc. Shopping head will start happening, and as it happens I ordered a black one, red one and black and orange one which I couldn’t find a fully orange one. I’m so in love with fanny packs right now you wouldn’t believe the love how deep it goes. 4 years okd, 5 years old, 7,8,9 and so on until one day Britain and Ireland stamped all over the trend and it went bye bye just like every other gad and trend britian and Ireland kill first. I’m genuinely convincing you ymto buy one so here’s my recommendation right now fornyou. Same as mines it is. Make sure you buy two you’re going to find out why right now.

Why buy two bum bags? Why must I buy two fanny packs?

It goes way back to the hygiene thing, wjhenevr that began, historically it began with me on the domestic adverts or cilit bang advert – bang and the dirt is gone. Well your bum bag is going to need to be cleaned at any moment suddenly needing it regularly needing like clothes. So have a few bum bags to switch between for washing times. Also there’s sharing with a friend issue, if your friend hasn’t got one yet, let them feel the power of the bum bag already, yes before they even think of buying one. You know, well I definitely know, they’ll be out the door in a jiffy to buy one too. Recommended the two or more theory for the hygiene purposes.

So would you wear your bum bag to work?

Work, play both van be just as hard but don’t make either harder by not having your fanny pack on. You must use your bum bag as much as it’s possibly needed. Work and play is fanny pack time. So don’t fret bringing it to work and if your boss complains ask them to read this first and check the cosy truths about bum bags someone buried with something that took a fad from being trendy. Whatever it was I eill blame the Brits and the Irish because I see European’s usage is high, very high so Brits and Irish must have been busy killing a fad to release it’s trend worthiness.

Should you buy your kids bum bags?

Don’t get jealous now, kids have so much choice their spoilt for choices when it comes to bum bags, Pokémon, inspector gadget z Simpsons, Tom & Jerry and so on. Kids should definitely be bought a selection of bum.bags and kids should have theirs regularly cleaned and ready for the day ahead. There is places kids to that adults don’t which will mean dititoer bum bags so make sure you clean theirs regularly and hope they can last the day it will take you to hand wash and dry, yes I think you’re supposed to hand wash and dry, but forget the nasty side and lets have a look at some cool kid’s bum bags. I think you’ll be jealous you’re not a kid any more.

Why multiple bumbags are essential part two

Fanny packs or so essential on having more than one for style purpose of course. My last reason on part one was for washing and keeping clean but now it’s about that styles man. I have an all red tracksuit so I bought and all red bumbag to go with it. It could also be size related fashion senses, a bigger bumbag isn’t going to look any good on a wedding night or stag night so smaller one recommend then. One that makes no obligation towards the bride and groom to question your motives. Bigger and smaller fanny packs can be questioned to the experts and find out what they’ve learned about smaller and bigger ones. I would always wear a smaller on when at venues I’ve been catered for. So as not to upset the catering team and payees with anything rude and obnoxious as a largely fitted and filled bum.bag.  Smaller bum bags at venues where you’re catered for is a good idea. It stops any feeling being hurt and any unecessary questions being asked.

So in summary the bum bag fanyy pack is back in style but are you ready?

Be rwsdy. Be prepared to have a bum bag or as they also called it a fanny pack, you must ptoe⁴arw to west yours and make use of it. I’ll now have my most used things in my bum bag and my lesser user or non fitting things into my man bags. Gosh I love bags and accessories but clothes with good pockets also gives me hope about fashionable clothes for me. I’ll show you my favourite numb bag as one last ditch attempt to convert you.

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