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Why are hippies not helping us, or are we all on for a big surprise, their way?

Why are hippies not helping us, or are we all on for a big surprise, their way?

by markeyNovember 7, 2019

HiI can’t writhe my way through life no longer, suspicious of spmeassove secret has more memories for it than you could shake a stick at, plus I’m good man all round and better than ever before because I understand that the evolutionary process isn’t easy to thrill us but it can and without it we are just the same as last century and century after century, no reformation we won’t format our situation into a better one for everyone. I’ve been to the school of hard knocks, yes the bullied kid and I was lucky to have a man or two filled with knowledges than just religion so I covered quite a lot. You’ll see my book collection one day but for now this is what I salvaged before everything turned into nits in my hair and biting my body. You don’t wany that because then you have to kill them unless you have another way. An atheist doesn’t have those other ways but knows about them and without lying I prayed I don’t have to kill this nits. So here’s those books I salvaged;

Took forever to find these bit there you are now.

Secrets have been kept for centuries like who really knows history and who doesn’t,? I like yo think of life as a game of bowling or athletics diving. In bowling each person has a different reasons they wanted to go and for diving each medallist has a different devotion for their medals. So be careful out there, not everyone will have the same reason as you for whatever you’re doing together and it’s actually something that’s is over protective out there, and never let it go that not everyone feels or thinks the same way but many many people think we all have the same reason to do something together. Phew, that was getting harder and harder to write.

What if it’s not a big secret we are not getting any information about out future and our hippies did let us down.

If the hippies are hipocrates we are doomed because nobody can do anything about lacy oafs, laziness isn’t sack of spuds and the enlightenment to me is the booming high street store outlets risong from the ashes in what I was told is a dirty old town, but I’ve never believed anything until I’ve seen it, and I’ve still not seen a dirty old town. Maybe unsupportive but it’s not any more dirty than no support, without support networks around us we don’t have a life. A life worth living and however hard o scream and shout there isn’t any reply. Mark’s mum accidently replaced love with skills and abilities and discipline so he built his house on sand and just wants a new house. Mum I love you forever, but I didn’t mean any harm when my love was overtaken by the wise men upsetting my loving cast so here I am still learning for a place to live and for writing my Street wise book, goh I lost 7 chapters when I losyt my phone. Grrr.

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