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Why can’t we afford to travel the world? And is there anyone to blame?

Why can’t we afford to travel the world? And is there anyone to blame?

by markeyOctober 12, 2019

Travelling the world costs $360 per day at the least for visiting every country, if you visited cheaper countries this would be cheaper but not much cheaper. Your be hard pushed to admit to yourself it’s a lot less for cheaper countries and you would be lying to yourself.

It’s important to know that out there in the world is a big place you’re welcome in but our politicians don’t welcome us there, HIPPIES just as badly needed as politicians to get a $360 disposable income.

How on earth are we going to get a disposable income enough to travel the world?

How much does it cost to travel the world?

It costs approximately $360 per day and you’re not in the bracket of income that needs so much disposable income because you want to travel the world. Who runs this world anyway?

Another part that you don’t want to think about is we are kept from this disposable income in a time that there is 15 years maximum to come up with a plan to keep the world flowing the way it is. Sadly whomever is keeping this world at such a low disposable income is just so uncaring that with 15 years to go, evolutionary reformation can go no further, peak performance, yet we still can’t have the disposable income to make the world our Oyster.

What do we want instead of a decent, respectable, useful disposable income?

I can think of a few things:

  • More useless political topics.
  • More poverty causing political topics.
  • More poverty causing economic development of ignorance to one limitless bank account solving every financial problem.
  • More illness and death related to poverty.
  • More murderous rampages related to middle class, rich and poverty, a mixture that causes anger.
  • More anger at inequality an kid protests that prove useless because the evil always wins.
  • Less goodness as goodness surrenders to evil and allows evil to lone their pockets at inequality an expense.
  • And more, much much more problems that I’m not part of, nobody invites me to protest.
Why can’t we afford to track the world? I had a dream to be a 3 year long nomadic entrepreneur and that was stolen.

You can add as you like, and here is my video complaining and referencing some of the issues explained here. Why are we waiting? What are we waiting for? Money, money, money in a rich man’s world. They’ve got no inequal excuse after making us live suffering poverty for 31 years for me and God knows how many for others. If God has omnipresence it’s his fault and I support the end. If not, then a secret society runs the world and causes poverty, middles class and rich. Then the INEQUALITY ruins lives like mine because we are vulnerable and demons, spiritual warfare then takes advantage. I’m tired of disposable humans and elite humans, live and let die or don’t live at all.

Why would anyone hesitate to MILLION every living person’s bank account on this planet no matter what the problem is. Nobody should be a millionaire nowadays while we have solved banking. Banking can have one limitless bank account able to provide 250k or £1m to every man, woman and child’s bank account with rules for under 25’s accounts money usage.

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