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Why do Christians crucify Jesus?

Why do Christians crucify Jesus?

by markeyApril 15, 2020

Do you believe in our lord Jesus Christ, that he died on the cross for your sins?

Isn’t congruent with god’s love and glory that they speak about. It’s entirely against the idea of gods love. For god allowing his own son to be crucified isn’t love. The trauma from such an event would be totally the opposite of love while Christians can’t be this stupid, are they?

I can understand why some of the Christians might not know why they crucify Jesus but I don’t think they all don’t know. It’s more a conspiracy than it is truth they actually believe in it for good reason. There’s no possibility that logic and common sense say that crucifying Jesus in your beliefs will earn you any brownie points from God. Surely it’s an insult to God?

Is this why?

They do it because they seek to insult God? There’s an element of truth that it’s impossible to blame God on letting his own son be crucified and think that you’re doing something righteous. Deep down in my heart it doesn’t feel right to say Jesus was crucified. I can’t say it and feel good about it. So what’s up with all these damn Christians. How on earth are they getting feel-good factor from it while I can’t believe it or cherish it as truth. I personally can only think no way did it happen because god’s only son isn’t going to be put on a cross for other people’s sins. Not logical, not common sense and only an insult to God.

So who is behind the ideology and why then? And how on earth do so many people label themselves Christian when the whole premise of Christianity is to believe Jesus died on the cross for YOUR SINS. Is it that their sin is crucifying Jesus Christ. Logically the sin is blaming god on crucifying the lord Jesus Christ and is a sin steeped in the resultant anger from the gods. We only have to see the state of the world to know that the Christian beliefs are putting pressure on the gods and thus we are thrown into the brink of catastrophe after catastrophe. Are they really doing it for these reasons? As every catastrophe doesn’t upset their faith then it must be that they are doing it to wreak havoc on earth using the gods.

I found significant evidence really faithful Christians believe in more than one god. I’ve found significant evidence that they have no intellectual ability which only comes from the heart and they don’t have a heart blaming god on crucifying his own son. Yes to be intellectual which I’ve never seen a Christian do, it’s the heart that does it and what heart do they have spilling their heart to the Bible. A book that only takes glory away from God and detracts from god living with glory.

We only have to see to believe. To hear the stories of Christians with illnesses. Once we see and hear these stories we find that they accept illness while I don’t and never have. Nor do I believe in medicine and every time I needed it, I got better without it. At heart I’m an atheist because there is no religion there for me that would give god any glory worth it so I’d rather not believe in a god even though I have a personal relationship with God.

God didn’t crucify Jesus. Christianity does by spreading supposed gospel in the ghetto of all places. Sure the ghetto is the place most likely to suffer by being made to believe in the anti-glory given to god by believing Jesus was crucified. When they asked do I believe it, I said no. I don’t. I don’t believe Jesus died on the cross and certainly not for my sins because I’m not a sinner. And why are good people so obsessed with being saved from sin? Good people don’t sin. Alarm bells were ringing this day they outright asked me to believe this. What on earth are they obsessed with saving themselves from sin for and if they were actually punished for their sin would they accept it? Are they sinners and they know it? Probably.

Let me tell you that common sense says the reason they make people believe this is to upset the gods not glorify them. Logic says the same thing; that if you’re going to say god crucified his only miracle baby son you’re trying to upset god. Sacrifice? Are they trying to sacrifice people to god? Muslims are different their whole religion is based on anger and resistance to anger. Giving them justification to kill and not kill. Whereas Christians believe that only god gets angry so upsetting god by crucifying Jesus seems like it’s the only real reason they do it. Maybe they fear god or the people in control of Christianity. As the people in control are rich and safe and well while they are vulnerable to these rich and safe people. So they have to take part and have no choice.

Then it is these rich and safe people who are spreading Christianity to sacrifice to god. Surely true. Can’t not be true. When they say god angers they’re basically telling the truth about why they crucify Jesus and have people believe in it. God is slow to anger and justification is hard for anger when you’re experienced but there’s the gods. Which I’ve found significant evidence the true Christian following believe in a number of gods so the god might not get angry but the gods do.

Another thing Christians do that back up my suggestion is that they allow Satan to roam the earth and don’t pray to have Satan removed from earth. They allow demons to roam the earth too. They allow these things to exist while it’s obvious that if they do exist they are the problem being ignored. The only darkness is ignorance.

While these high ranking Christians who are lying to us think they are forever safe they need to think again. I’ve rumbled them and one is enough. It only takes one. A great saying when it comes to my ego and lies. I’ve never lied my entire life and never will. I take truth ruthlessly and allowing Satan and demons to roam the earth is only part of my anger, the other part is crucifying Jesus to anger the gods. And that Christians don’t tell us they believe in gods, just a god. Well significant evidence suggests they all believe in many gods, not just the one they have in their Bible.

Logically and with common sense the real result from accusing someone falsely is a lot of anger. This anger can lead to all sorts of things happening. Well, the Christians even prove they are liars but what is published by them. For example this article hasn’t been published before. Why do Christians crucify Jesus? It’s not on Google ever, not even once. Luckily I have no fear and I’m good at reaching audiences through Google but the frigger Christians probably have a back door in Google. So I would like anyone that reads this to share it and help end the madness and the gods anger with us. Demons are allowed to roam the earth with Satan and it’s not fair but add that with believing in Jesus’s crucifixion and they have justification for doing untoward things to people. The fact Christians won’t clean up Satan and demons is a huge sign they are up to no good.

I hope they’re not frigging cats because they’re undefeatable if they are. By this I mean have 9 lives. I really hope not. Only Jesus should have 9 lives because he was persecuted by the Bible not by the people. Yes the Bible persecuted Jesus before he was dead or Jesus hasn’t arrived yet. That’s another thing about their beliefs, some of them might be hiding that Jesus didn’t even exist and has yet to exist. They could be pulling the wool over our eyes on this too.

Conclusion and wrapping up

So we have learned some logic and common sense and Christians wanting us to believe in crucifying Jesus. All glory be to God. What glory are they sending god by having people believe he was crucified? And why do they believe that demons and Satan are free to roam the earth and in many gods, instead of just one god they say they believe in. It’s all very shady and steeped in conspiracy if you ask me. Though I hope this has opened your heart to beating these Christians one day, that they’re not forever going to get away with lying to us.

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