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Why does heel rhyme with heal? It’s not what you think.

Why does heel rhyme with heal? It’s not what you think.

by markeyFebruary 20, 2020

Heel or heal?

With a tickly heel and being sick, I say to myself; is it god tapping on my heel telling me to get better?

I think so.

I think your heel is called your heel because God has intervened in people’s lives yelling at them to heal for some reason or other. There’s bound to be a reason he called it your heel.

The very fact that your heel rhymes with heal gives it away. Doesn’t it?

So let’s face facts again.

If it isn’t rhyming with heal then why is it called heel when god didn’t speak a word to us in thousands of years

God hasn’t spoken to us in thousands of years but here we have you wondering why your heel is called heal. Maybe it tickles like mine when you’re sick and you’ve gotten curious why it’s called your heel. Maybe you’re just curious anyway. Well every time I heal nowadays my heel has tickled at least the day before and because God is such a coward he won’t just speak to me and get me off his mind.

Bearing in mind he hasn’t spoken to us in thousands of years he obviously named the heal for those he wants to torture or make them believe they’re going to heal. Making you believe you’re going to heal could only be done with something that rhymes with heal, whether you heal or not is a different story. God isn’t the best man on this planet, you are, and don’t let him fool you into believing tickling your heel means you’re going to heal. I’ve had nothing but harm and hurt from god so beware of thinking an itchy or tickly heel means you will heal.

If god didn’t mean it to rhyme with heal how could be okay his dirty mind games with you

God isn’t good. Let’s face it he created evil creatures that kill each other including humans. He created Jesus as a magnet to make each other murder each other and we’re not able to do anything because he has the whole world in his hands .

He made your heel rhyme with heal because he wants you to believe you will heal when you probably won’t. People are dying and getting sick and God has the whole world in his hands, but still doesn’t care. You’re not going to heal as much as the children in the local hospital are dying. Yes children are in hospital dying while god still has the whole world in his hands. So don’t expect a tickly heel to mean you will heal. If anything under god’s control it means the opposite, that you’re gonna die.

We have to face this fact head on that god doesn’t heal people. God kills people with their own knowledge and makes plans for people that are sick and grotesque. So don’t plan on healing anytime soon because don’t expect your heel rhyming with heal mean god’s trying to help you.

If you don’t believe in God; the holy spirit is used to control everyone and everything on this planet

God uses a barrage of holy spirit to carry out his dirty work. If anything you should be wishing to Rest in Peace than healing yourself. God created heavens and earth so don’t be fooled by healing under his power. If he’s tickling your heel don’t be fooled by him, he’s just trying to make you think he cares about you when he doesn’t. He controls everything all the time so the reason you need healing is because of God in the first place.

God is a DJ. Bitterness doesn’t need god and God needs bitterness in order to kill people in their prime for taking them to heaven but you go to heaven alone. Bitterness exists instead of love so god can take you to heaven and nurse you better whenever it’s damned sin to take someone to heaven before their ready as an old person.

God didn’t rhyme heel with heal for no reason

God doesn’t speak because he’s a coward so he named your heel to pretend to you that he cares about your illness when he doesn’t. As he controls everything all the time using his Holy Spirit who can heal you but probably won’t don’t let him get you down.

Stand prominent and against being healed. Stand against god’s decision to tickle your heel. He isn’t worthy of you and he knows it.

Love for God is wrong so don’t let the word heel make you think god is worthy of you.

Loving God is wrong once you know the true extent of his evil.he created creatures that crawl into children’s eyes and make them blind. Remember that love for God is wrong and he can’t jade you with a tickling heel.

Right now as I write about these creatures his holy spirit has tickled my eyes and threaten me to be blind. I won’t accept love for God and neither should you. He could heal everyone and anything at any time using his holy spirit but he doesn’t. He’s a sad and pathetic, feeble old man that doesn’t speak because he has nothing good to say to you. He can’t comfort you only by a tickling heel, how pathetic an effort you should say.

Conclusion and wrapping up

God hates us with a passion and will try to jade you into wanting healing but know he created creatures that crawl into children’s eyes and make them blind. What a poposterous twat god is so don’t let him fool you by rhyming heel with heal. Take all this with a pinch of salt, I’m not anti-god, I just hate the illusion we live.

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