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Why fear is the worst emotion

Why fear is the worst emotion

by markeyMay 12, 2020

Fear is the worst emotion possible. I’ve just come from reading 54 emotions we can have and these 54 emotions we can may have contained fear, I didn’t see it, fear is the worst emotion you can experience or expect to have. Looking at life through a loaded gun you’ll find yourself alone, right maybe not depends who’s gun is loaded. Don’t aim it at me. Fear is the result of believing you’re going to be hurt or harmed but is the worst of all emotions. It’s like the first time I discovered black magic I quivered like a leaf, even to say black magic I can quiver from the thoughts of it. I only think of Harry potter as a very brave person fighting black magic. Right now I’m listening to a Taoist chant to remove black magic from us. Someone has cast a very dark spell and we are losing the war from spell on us. Anyhow we have to excavate our fears and the real fear you feel about black magic comes from some profound fear without any in depth knowledge why.

Fear of black magic is a strong fear existing in me since a teenager and another profound fear I’ve always had is killing myself; two of my actual only fears before this past few years I’ve discovered many fears but release from them by not having to worry. Fear without worry is easy but with worry fear is a horrendous slippery slope to nowhere than getting labelled psychotic and schizophrenic because we all tell lies etc about things that hurt us to be diagnosed schizophrenic instead. We are victims of being labelled and god only knows if there’s black magic involved. I’m not saying there is it’s just music pertaining to us being cast under black magic and warnings from Harry potter, we either are or we aren’t but something is doing its best to protect me whatever it is. I’ve went down the dusty lane a few times near death experiences and totally shitting myself every time I think of suicide, ESPECIALLY since learning how to do it properly. I’ll never do it now I’ll go back to my childlike shivers when I think about it. Mum warned me about suicide and the dangers and that is for cowards, right I’m not a coward but my whole family abandoned me and I’m experiencing picking up the pieces of losing all your family at a mid life crisis. It’s not easy and if that’s black magic too don’t we have chance to undo the black magic? Sorry, fear of black magic as much as quiver as much as suicidal thoughts, that quiver for life’s sake. The quiver that something is to fear and something is worth fearing.

For me only black magic, suicidal thoughts and the thought of losing a dear friend are the fear that I suffer until a few years ago I learned there are many more situations to fear. The suicide one listen to hippie Mafia on SoundCloud, there we wish we were a punk rocker with flowers in our hair. We are able to gather from that song the experience of death without dying. ‘What if you were to fall asleep and never wake up as if having never woken up? And if you just think about that for minute..’ It’s the thought of nothing they describe and as I was growing up I had the exact same inquisitiveness about nothing ever existing, no life after death and when going into suicidal thoughts imagining myself jumping and the quiver I got every time from the thoughts. I have fear like that instilled in me from experiencing mock suicides all my life and getting the quiver from the fear of nothing there and then. To imagine no life after death is better than to imagine one because then it’s up to the universe to do it’s best for this one life you believe you live whereas believing in life after death they might let down their guard to move onto someone who believes there’s only one chance. I lately wondered do we live in a dog and cat world and if you really think about it it’s not that important because nobody has ever announced their loving a second life and maybe we don’t as there is no cats. Scary thought and it does mean cherishing your life more and you only need one life if you live it well. If you live a life to learn how to live you’re doing more than you were told to. Always be prepared with every obstacle you strive to remember what you learned and pass it on, always pass it on.

If I learned half of what my mummy taught me when she taught me instead of too many years later I would have been prepared for most things, that not prepared for because the situation already been and gone. The fear thing is different experience, to have real fear is world’s worst emotion. Luckily I’m able to fear without worry now, I don’t fear and worry at the same time any longer WHATEVER my perception has become, I have broken free from worry and fear. The fears that I learned haven’t went away. I’ve learned thousands of fears from only having two or three fears all associated with death. So I guess I fear death and I have learned thousands of fears which climaxed in an ultimate feat which then released by learning to have fear without worry. It’s like come at me bring two samurais. I’m so not afraid a cowboy and western shootout even with swords would do to settle your unlawful thou shall not murder argument. My first choice, first commandment; thou shall not murder. Brilliant one because you murder someone and they gonna be hating on you. I would never SUICIDE or murder. Quiver. I don’t get angry. You’d find it difficult to make me angry, even with thousands of new fears including poisonous spiders, Jesus and teleporting – yes these are some of the added fears. I’ve had so many added fears I’m also afraid of Jesus after doting on him my whole childhood and teenage and adult years. Doted on Jesus and now he became a fear.

I have solution for the fear of Jesus which is irrational fear as people believe Jesus is hope all around the world. We are able to solve fear of Jesus in meditation with Jesus being a character. Here we will find peace with Jesus and any other bothering situation we have. My first meditation were very visually active and my meet your idols mediation gives you a tranquil and peaceful place to meet your idols in meditative state of mind however visual yours is. My meditation is crystal clear visuals as if I’m in the meditation so I’ve been trying to go back to my Idols meditation and as I said the visual is only part of the complexity of meditation your meditation is responsive to your true relaxed and energised self.

What I’m saying is that meditation is the solution to all things that scare you or whatever the situations that make you do mediation. The meditation we do solves and conquers problems without much thought. When we meditate we deliver ourselves from an unravelling we weren’t aware would only be conquered by meditation. This particular mediation I’m recommending, I had it made by a professional hypnotist to cover the loss of the original script by another hypnotist. Trust me you try to get this type of meditation these days and you can’t. It’s got rays coming from the ceiling and nowadays the hypnotist is talking about it coming up from under our feet. This is true difference in the meditation available nowadays than back when I started doing it. A quick 30 deep breaths meditation is enough to solve almost any problem so think what deep meditation does for you. It can go a long way just 30 deep meditation breaths and fear is best conquered by meditation or long enough exposure to lose the fear again or at least the worry.

So yeah I went from having three fears to having thousands of fear to having the fears but not worrying as I’ve gone beyond the possibility to worry about the fear nowadays. You will see the difference in my content between nowadays and forward than there was back in time I claimed everything without reason and hurried myself without explaining it’s only opinion on my reality but this opinion on fear should be warned in advance that taking on fear will either burden you or give you great opinion about dealing with it even if you deal with it wrongly. We all get new fears but to go from three to possibly thousands is the immensely deep experience I’ve had with feat and it’s the worst emotion. The worst and once the worry goes the fear becomes less fearful. There you go now a lesson on fear from someone who had few fears to having many fears but getting the chance to know the difference. When to worry about fear and when not to. Valhalla mind achievement day. Heaven, Valhalla whatever floats your boat friend. Peace, love and tranquility.

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