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Why magicians can grow back your leg

Why magicians can grow back your leg

by markeyFebruary 16, 2020

There’s millions of god’s in the world and none more mysterious than the magician. They could grow your leg back but let’s look at the evidence they aren’t saying anything about. Like putting a magic card through a window. How is that even possible? Millions of god’s of course and those impossible magic card tricks; you get it – impossible but growing back a leg is impossible too, right?

There’s substantial evidence that magicians complete impossible feats with their magic tricks right in front of our eyes but never offer to grow back a person’s leg. They never ever tell us that they’re embracing the power of millions of god’s and it’s darn right shit that they don’t. Because people out there need a leg or two. People need these millions of god’s their embracing and it’s darn right shit, total shit that they don’t share their millions of god’s unless you’re in the magic circle.

Take a look at this video showing David Blaine putting a card through a window. Impossible but it’s not impossible because I’ve seen first hand s floating cigarette, just floating in mid air as a street magician (who was awfully honest), did this trick in front of my eyes and then proceeded to explain he learned in India, where they believe in millions of god’s. Talk about covert honesty ingraining this article in my head.

David Blaine putting magic card through window.

So if after watching this video you don’t believe a magician could grow back your leg look at the facts again.

  1. David Blaine puts card through window
  2. Street magician covertly admits millions of god’s help him by announcing he went to India to learn his magic.
  3. They could grow back your leg but too much mystery is removed from their work and it becomes disinteresting?

Face the facts

Millions of god’s probably do exist and growing back a leg is only the heavenly father’s job so the heavenly father can’t give his skills to the other millions of god’s because they can’t be trusted.

We can only imagine that because good exists that the millions of god’s brought evil into the world as they help the magicians and don’t help the person who needs a leg, they don’t question the heavenly father on his ability to grow back legs etc. So therefore there are millions of god’s helping magicians to do magic but not helping humanity be happier and more healthy.

It was probably rogue god’s that created viruses etc and the heavenly father is so good he couldn’t do anything about it. Like stoicism only people he created became harmed. Either that or we’re living in the belly of a giant beast.

Don’t care about giants it’s the little one you need to look out for. David and Goliath theory is to watch out for the little one. So these millions of god’s outnumber us little guys and the heavenly father knows anger enough to do something except he refrains, at least until a god has exhausted himself the pity for what he/she is doing.

We’re not that interested in the millions of god’s while they’re helpful to magicians only, and dishelpful to everyone else, yes that’s not a word but who’s judging?

So we’re not able to intercept the heavenly father’s message to us through these millions of god’s so we can live our eternal life on earth filled with peace and happiness and health. The millions of god’s created anti-god things that includes ignoring fixing your leg for you. It’s simple, they don’t care but maybe the heavenly father does. I mean to say the hospital was only invented in the 1700s so we haven’t suffered loss of limb or health problems for that long, at least not without Valhalla death.

Millions of god’s do exist and we need to ask why we can’t live our eternal life on earth healthy, happy and loving ourselves. And ask why magicians keep the millions of god’s secret. Yes we do need to be by the seaside.

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