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Why we shouldn’t praise God the lion between the wilderbeast

Why we shouldn’t praise God the lion between the wilderbeast

by markeyNovember 16, 2019


God has been the focal point of many lives; for was he worth it though? No. Sick children. Sick adults. Young deaths and more. God wasn’t worth it. In the end it doesn’t even matter how hard you try because nothing is easy. So what else do you go thank strike back where you can when you can? 

It wasn’t my intention to strike back by writing and making a video about why God doesn’t deserve praise. He really doesn’t until he makes a lawful contract with us. He might not be the word for him. He could be a girl, a boy, an animal like lion than wilderbeast. We don’t know who god is but we should know there isn’t praise deserved.

A coward that God is, but not in my life. In my life he out-in-the-opened his relationship with me. In others lives they don’t even know when God is there. He lets me know he’s there sometimes but his initial ‘otherwise’ in his voice, well I rarely hear that voice. But yet, he’s constantly here with me. He even rose me from the dead.

I still don’t know how people praise him though. How could you praise God without a legally binding contract between you firstly. We have a relationship with someone we can’t even see, gods we can’t even see. The gods most likely created their own stuff and the one true God created everything that’s good.

I can only imagine this is why people praise God. They have the answer of a million gods already. Something Christian literature doesn’t talk about yet our childhood cartoons etc. do. 

God could make your life hell, the gods can. People live in this world in writhing pain for long periods of time but God couldn’t leave me stabbed to death for longer than 30 minutes. I think I was unconscious for 30 minutes when that guy stabbed me. I guess that’s a super power against fear, dying and coming back to life again.

God didn’t teach me not to fear, he taught me to fear and well in advance. The gift of fear book he led me to and I’m not yet fearless. I just know I’ve been risen once but still I don’t believe God has earned praise for this considering I wanted to be dead anyway.

God has a lot to answer for before you could praise him but I’ll keep going to church anyway. I bet he doesn’t even like being praised and much prefers the atheist mindset. Look at how happy atheist are compared to non-atheist. Much happier and a lot more humorous. You think God wants to be in a boring worshippers life? What would he laugh at?

I’m sure he’s laughing at me. Wanting to be dead and getting stabbed to death then rising me from that death. What else can he laugh at about me?

The fact that I was hallucinating a $2000 debt that was only $200 and sold my business and ended up with nothing?

There’s a lot he should praise me for. Like not commmitiing suicide anymore. Like taking the hint God won’t let me die and rolling with it. I’ve got to praise you like I should, hmp; how self deliberating.

I’ll never understand how people are able to praise God and not question injustice on this earth. One rule for one, another for the other.

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