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Why you should be more like superman

Why you should be more like superman

by markeyNovember 11, 2019

Superman started his job at the newspaper agency and he bloomed but he had a secret to keep, he was also the city’s powerful superman saving lives and saving people in generaal.

Today I’ve experienced those superman people veruss the non superman people, probably possessed by demona, but still everyone should be like superman, help where and when you need it. Homelessness needs homes bit there’s no superman builders.. I don’t know why.

Here’s what I think 3 things you can do to be a superman, a super hero in everyone’s story.

1. Put others before yourself after charity starts at home. So get your home right, your extra income right and the bare necessities they’ll come to you. It’s then up to you to he like superman and use these skills and talents you hace gained yo mwkr someone else’s life filled with the bare necessities. Our generation of people taking themselves as first place and forgetting to put others first is all too prevalent and the victims are silenced because the perpetrators know what they are and what they fo that isn’t heroic like superman.

2. Be kind for everyone us fighting a hard battle.

Scrooge beware you are noticed now more than ever and it’s your fault people believe they can’t be kind. Scrooge you have scorched the earth witg wicked poverty amf unkind people who would otherwise be kind. Beware Scrooge you’re about the only non invincible on the planet. Superman is coming for you.

3. Don’t talk behind others backs

If anyone talks behind others people’s backs they can cause problems and the temptations to cause problems are there so just never talk behind a person’s back you aren’t planning on being a heroic superman for. Who knows,aybe Clark Kent is real. We just haven’t me him yet. At your request madam/sir.

4. Be open minded for everyone has their difference

The worst thing on earth is stigma for common example and it needs to stopz superman would be heroic and stand up and provide lengthy testability sentences for those who break the rules of stigma on purpose to cause harm to people.

5. Remember we are supposed to be tribal instincts

We naturally have tribal instincts that don’t do well under negative suggestion but reward based commandeering is what humans are seeking who don’t want to lead and want leader e..g. job bosses .

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