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Will your business SEO itself; yes/no/maybe?

Will your business SEO itself; yes/no/maybe?

by markeyDecember 10, 2019

Aha I see said the blind man. I kind of believed in miracles since 6 years old. I’ve never experienced one than with myself I thunk I did experience a miracle or two! I can’t be sure. Your business needs no miracle but will it SEO itself, the answer is NO.


I don’t like saying this and I don’t like having you to think like a monkey about this. Having no clue what to say and instead doing a song and dance about it. Real SEO takes time to learn but back links you can forget them thankfully, but never forget your social media. People like brands who are actively ready for them. So be there be square and hire a good SEO and your business will thrive.

Personally I do content marketing because content is king but that content uses a lot of research to get where it needs to be, and I don’t do back links – I swear you need “content and only switched on social media channels” which will give you thousands of backlinks over time.


SEO content is king. Not any only content is king. There are a lot of mistakes to be made by novice or have-a-go SEO, SEM guys out here. Yes I’m wading out here but my skills are always perfecting themselves as I go along. It’s like Trello, it just gets better and better and better and more and more refined. Groceries sorted.

A grandeur SEO content is king plan is amazing for proving you are who you say you are. The search engine looks for tell tale signs you are who you say so they’re not giving some pants service to people thus losing the consumer confidence they aim for. Yes search engines aren’t aiming for pleasing you, they are aiming for pleasing the users of their search engine. Thus SEM is a process best learned through trial and error for your failure accolades to go beside your successes. I’ve brought a business from nothing to £2,200,000 in just 6 years, using only SEM, but can go faster now; however it took someone else to build it beyond what I had time and invesment to do. Teaching me how to do it fatser- in his processes.

Nowadays I seek clients in SEO and SEM.

SEO/SEM marketer Mark Rafferty keeping warm from the cold.

I want your business to shine gloriously on the front page of Google for the person that you are, or the company that you are. Which is your most attractive prospect for processing the consumer interest in your companies products and services. Shine baby shine, shine until I’m old and grey. Yes I never leave your side either, the bonus is my personal contact details 24/7 and we can discuss payments always later and better late than never. That’s basically it for working for you and your business and we should think our relationship would bloom if you have a SEO/SEM project to work on. I love clients, and clients love me back. That’s because I don’t work hard without shining business being my goals and purpose for our relationship. Yes you need a professional SEO/SEM marketer and I’m just one of the many to choose from.

Don’t try yourself; hire the expert and get it right first time every time. I have year’s of experience not even teachable without a process lasting more than 24 hours and 7 days being a usual amount of time to consult properly. So you’ll never leave any cards on the table that don’t need to be when you play them right. You’re playing them right wondering if your business will SEO itself, no it’s the job of a super SEM to do that.. 14 year’s experience and counting.

Before you leave you’re in a superposition to be here to even have free SEO help from me. I’m not all about money, I’m about helping you thrive, helping your SEO to thrive. There’s an illiterate bunch of marketers out here spouting crap sales pitches for crap products so don’t get it wrong and choose Markey to do your SEO. Just contact me using the contact details below or above and let your SEO be on fire every day, all day. This is how to choose an SEO 101. The complete works you need to be ranked and get noticed. And it might not even cost you a penny to learn from a professional of the professor process to learn how Google’s algorithm works.

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