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Writing a book even if you think you’re too mad

Writing a book even if you think you’re too mad

by markeyJune 3, 2020

People are afraid to admit madness they’ll say they are sane as saints. Difficult task being a saint I would say. Personally everyone thinks they are saints. We all are if we think we are and those that think not are possibly denied an education worthy to their existence. I’m not saying mine is greater but I’m saying that everyone’s experience is important.

Take this example. We have alternate sources for expressing ourselves the 4 lesser thought or talked about senses. Our mind, our tongue, our gut and our heart. Personally I’ve always been with the heart and seldom any other way to express myself. For example a real liar that tells lies for a purpose would use his tongue to let it out and to be as lies. Whereas an honest person lives with their heart on their sleeve. To be honest everyone is mad to someone. Everyone dotes on my adoptive mother but I would say she’s a bit mad, not for disowning me but for that everything she taught me was living by the heart and being by the heart. Yet she disowned me as I begged her not to.

To be an author of a book, you do need to be mad. Trust me you wrote something about anything and then need people to actually accept your effort enough to buy your literature. That’s mad. People buying what you e written and not knowing who you are? Well done authors all around the world for being mad enough to believe in yourself. Books are the most important existence in the world, we have to know things to do things and books are out best source to know things. We can’t think about honesty and books we think fiction and non fiction and if you’re into writing then non fiction writing is naturally there for you whereas fiction will take talent. So it’s not totally mad and I’m not describing anyone as mad, in fact different, as not willing to accept that anyone can be seen as mad by anyone. So to accept madness is here and there but even though we don’t like to admit nobody is perfect. Let’s get into a bigger picture here about why this book writing article even exists.

I doubt people will be googling madness and book writing but madness is a good strong description for what’s a struggle to book writers because writing is part of our lives. As part of our lives writing a book is actually easy if you have the confidence. In fact you can do so much nowadays when comes up writing a book. With a wealth of resources at your service via the internet and books etc. Don’t be afraid to write and then edit, and edit again. In fact don’t be afraid you can’t write because when editing you can get that done for a fair amount or even a friend can do it. Get beyond the madness failing book writers find. Believe that your teenage education on writing and the standard you obtained is the standard your writing is.

You should recap on your education and find a decent synopsis on how to write if you haven’t written in a long time. We all learn enough English at high school to write a book. People who write as if a five year old can read are what this world needs to keep us going and educated.



Fiction books are difficult to write. It’s not easy and it’s even more difficult to market yourself or the book. Whereas non fiction has advantages that is about skills, talents, interests you already have are going into your books. Don’t be afraid to write your book. The reason you think about it is enough. Did you know it’s roughly 9 chapters worth of writing so 9X5,000 words standard book is written?

Do you know that what you’re naturally talented in will take approximately 2-3 days devotion to write but topics you’re not so good at will take a lot longer.

I’m definitely not saying write a book in 3 days.

However it depends how you flow. Maybe you like writing thousands of words per day. Personally I don’t write many words per day do it takes me longer to do things. I’m currently on my first book ready to employ the strategy I’ve planned for it. It’s called. Mistakes. That might never happen. The necessary book that might not be necessary.

It’s not about how long it takes you. It’s about getting there and giving your all to add value to society. Just a personal thought getting this far into a discussion about the madness you find while trying to write books. Get over the first hurdle, it’s not anything other than madness to begin with because there is no certainty about book writing, there is hard work and results.

For you to get a book written and published is worthwhile but be warned rushing it and failing to keep up with market standards; a good cover, well written, and adding value to society is on your mind throughout the process as you need to be valued as a writer of author. Assume your position and put your heart into. Follow your heart and take action.

To apologise for associating madness with book writing would be wrong and if this article gains traction for what it is many will think that man should be sorry calling book writers mad. Well if book writing isn’t madness then writing isn’t and it’s possible to be the madness that we all write but we don’t all become authors. There is devotion and dedication to consider once madness stumbles on your path. Let’s say sorry for madness being a book writers hurdle but let’s sprint and get over that hurdle here.

I’ve recommended two books here. Following your heart and taking action by Tim Han and my own I’m currently writing. Take it from me I’m honest about madness but there’s nothing better than feedback and if you’re actually gaining traction with your book then you are ahead of the problems I’m seeing. To get started and keep going is to follow your heart and take action. The book by Tim Han is directly associated with the reasons you want to write the book, I’m reporting from the problems of thinking it’s too mad for you to write a book. Well check does your heart believe it and you shouldn’t think that.

I’ll be hopeful this article even at all covers much than nonsense giving the senses something to think about. Let’s not let madness destroy authors. We are non fiction wizards confused by lack of feedback. YOU ARE NOT MAD TO BECOME AN AUTHOR. COOL? ♥️

In light of the recent crisis here is candlelit memorial for the crisis and beyond. A prayer for the lost in this diffcult to experience time. Peace among us and peace between us. Light your candle to care for everything and everyone. Sorry I’m not mad world, we must light candle to show we care. We must.

Candlelight memorial for crisis and disasters we survive and care enough to hope for help in case of ruin or loss. We are unity divided but we must care for all we loss and all we survive with. We are expecting care and candlelight vigils are care not dastardly riots and people getting arrested left right and centre. My candle also stands for unity and diversity in unity. Embracing the world as it is with the care needed to be attentive to solution focused living. United in diversity. Sorry to those we have lost in this crisis, loss is difficult for me. Let’s all light our candles to respect we aren’t all living easy lives and many we lose.
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