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WW3 could be a thing if hippies don’t hurry up and help us.

WW3 could be a thing if hippies don’t hurry up and help us.

by markeyNovember 5, 2019

Let’s face it worldz without HIPPIES action we are f****d and we will always have to blame hippies. They must all have a death wish because world war 3 has been brewing for 5 or more years and no hippies are on the ball. On the topic bthey aren’t even existing in society as the large society they are. They are the world’s largest society and can stop anything with grit and determination, except this time they have military commendation medalling powers. They aren’t going to go down without a small tussle but they are willing to let it go, an amnsetyz a global one but hippies are the only way. They need to call a global amnesy and call it now. The army won’t forever hold this political agenda for hippies to win. So why aren’t they out their winning is an global amnesty? The soldiers wk do it themselves pretty soon so I’m glad that even without hipoies all soldwirfa will lay down their weapons and the hippies get no thrill z action nor commendation for their efforts. It will be all yhei fault. The British army werrw given full powers to represent as best, and as invictus games proceeded the army still got nothing from the hippies. I hope the hippies will wake up and call the amnesty this day, any day is good but now I’m out here requesting this day to be it, no more fantasy pleasure than that.

Do the hippies need to call an amnesty or are soldiers willing themselves?

Soldiers can’t call an amnesty for all the armies and won’t ever be able to which means hippies are forcing them into ways that they aren’t find of and I’m.sire you won’t be fond of either. Come on hippies it’s for peace on earth. Don’t let this world’s MILITARIES down. Don’t let them down. Hippies you have to fight for your right to party and this is it and you better hurry because you’ve already delayed by at least 5 or 6 or more years. Now hippies the soldiers have not got you under their control but they asked, they 7 hippies. It’s time to help. I’d say there’s other ways but not all integrity should be shared so easily for bigger problems could appear.

So are hippies lazy or did their underworld melt away and vanish?

Considering Hippies were so loud back in the day and have been so quiet nowadays, what happened to them? Their protest is silent while war rages throughout the world and nobody is trying to stop it. They just don’t do anything anymore and are grotesquely ignorant against what the world wants. They should have been on top of their game cancelling the arms trade from day one, yet they’re nowhere to be found or heard any longer.

We have no hope without Hippie power yet we are degenerates to them. We are silently being killed by Hippies ignorance to what they once stood for. Without their protest we will be forever indebted to the arms trade and war. What does it say about hippies that they are so silent? That they are ageist or something? Something is stopping them from potesting and it’s like they melted and vanished.

Their Mods and Rockers associations were massive and able to commit themselves to massive protest yet their protest is now silent. They’re not heard ever and haven’t been doing anything since back in their hay day.

Apart from Hippies what about anonymous?

Anonymous are the new hippies yet they also don’t protest against the arms trade and war. Anonymous are indebted to this world to start massive protests against weapons trades and war. Just like hippies also are. Hippies sold us a childhood dream that war wouldn’t exist yet they are unheard of. Anonymous are also trying to sell the same dream but yet aren’t doing anything. Nobody selling the dream of No War are promoting “No War” yet both the hippies and anonymous can start multi-million men protests and won’t do it.

I’m not yet powerful enough to start multi-million men protests but if I were I’d setup a protest against weapons being part of society at all. An international amnesty is called for and it’s up to the people to do so, which is currently hippies and anonymous who have that power. We don’t have any other power who are into an International amnesty than anonymous or hippies and they’re letting us down. This is as much a cry in the dark as it is a possibility to call for an International amnesty it’s all very possible. Get some Juche (building not destructing) going and restore some order in the world.

Weapons should be confined to managed gun ranges only

Whoever decided to let weapons continue to be sold to the masses was very wrong. The world doesn’t believe in war any longer and things need to change this way and fast. We are running out of time to ban weapons and confine them to gun ranges only. If an International uprising against the use of weapons (outside controlled gun ranges) is to take place it needs to take place now. Please wake up hippies and anonymous you’re letting the world crumble at a crucial point in time where we have mass media coverage to change the world once and for all. Where are you both in our time of need?

Conclusion and Wrapping Up

We only have hippies or anonymous with the power to start multi-million men protests. If they don’t wake up it’ll soon be world war 3 without hippies or anonymous’ intervention. There is no other way to deal with war and weapons wreaking havoc on society and surely we’re smarter than history already? If we want to continue a world maybe even soldiers could start the protest instead of supporting war, turn their cheek towards the control of them and kick up a fuss about weapons manufacturing. And if not possible to destroy the people behind weapons manufacturing. Why design something for killing people, when life is for living?

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