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You don’t have any photos or videos here; please fix Android

You don’t have any photos or videos here; please fix Android

by markeyFebruary 20, 2020

I’m sad today because Android has so many problems I wish I bought an iPhone. It’s a terrible conflict with a Android 9 and all the apps. Nothing works as it should.

There is no fix for ‘you don’t have any photos or videos here.’ on Facebook app or Facebook messenger problems. Google really have given Android 9 the ghost.

It’s that simple that a child could fix it. It’s as if Android have given up on us. Should have got an iPhone because this phone is pretty much useless to me now. Pretty much useless all the time for every app.

No app is without conflict with the Android operating system. Everything on Android 9 is like they’ve given up on us. Should all give up on Android if they’re going to give up on us.

!Don’t panic your error is in safe hands apparently. Apparently not Android 9 gas given up hope on us and haven’t devoted themselves to making Android 9 work since they updated to Android 10.

We’re not alone on our issue with Android 9. And Google are covering it up by serving old search results. They really have given up on us Android 9 users and there nothing we can do about it.

So there you have it. You won’t get your apps working any time soon because Android 9 has issues and if you want it to work you’re going to have a miserable time getting it. How on earth do Android do this to us paying consumers is beyond me.

However if they decide to help Android 9 users we will have a working phone again. Until then we have nothing we need from our phones.

Please fix Android 9 Google; we are distraught with our issues and don’t hace money to throw around on having a phone that supports Android 10.

Please Google please.

Thank you. Best wishes,

Mark Rafferty.

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