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October 31, 2019

#1 Vocal Trance Tunes You Should Listen to

My very first trance music blog post dedicated to the one and only song that appreciates your need to feel loved and gets you through those times when there isn’t anything love given. I won’t be personal about this because nearly everyone I know hasn’t expressed any love for me for more than 3 or 4 years..

My #1 vocal trance tune
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October 28, 2019

The NHS torture chambers are alive and well but is our enemy doing unto us, or under instruction from us? Who will save anyone from the torute chamber NHS mental health wards.

What about all the times you said you had the answers?

The truth is out there. There there, there Re patients being abused by the NHS in mental health wards and nothing to stop them because people believe NHS treated people from the beginning but they found mental illness an opportunity to find Vulnerable people and bully them and harm them.

Personally I been physically harmed more Han 3 times and mentally harmed on a daily basis. The doctors and nurses are either under control by demond or who isntructs them to be so damn evil must stop. There must be a way to get mental health clinics off s high horse rise law and solicitors above their high horse. I’m not [...]

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October 27, 2019

Mental hospitals have no love, passion or care. Just hate, argument and condemning.

The mental health system is a one way system and its a heartbreaker for those who don’t believe in mental illness to an extent. Everyone will eventually believe it it one way or another but there isnt another way. They have you trapped on their stupid sections and then even law abiding citizen or permanently not law abiding is your one way system to hell on earth again and again.

I feel horrible locked up, away from my computer and friends. I haven’t committed any crime and in covered by the mental health act but this one way system doesn’t care about the lawz the laws wrtieen to protect me from unruly behaviours of the doctors and nurses which have [...]

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October 24, 2019

The electronic cigarette conundrum. Which is the best ecig?

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Welcome to Mark Rafferty’s take on ecigs, and how that stars in their eyes puff of smoke isn’t very good looking and what you can do about it.

These days a lot of smokers look like they’re coming onto the stage for stars in their eyes (thanks admiral Duncan pub Soho, London for that joke.) If you’re like me and enjoy smoking and the way it’s always been that stars in your eyes way of life, smokers life ain’t for you. I have discovered that out of 7 people 6 people found my choice of ecigratte a definite and certain, cigarette-like replacement for their smoking habits. All 7/7 people claimed that they [...]

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