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December 22, 2019

How to treat Jock itch properly with tablet and cream

Jock itch is disturbing at least, at best it’s deliberating to read the concoction of explanations for it online, it’s normal don’t worry. Men in their middle age get jock itch, it’s very normal. Don’t let other websites tell you it isn’t. It’s not hiv, HPV, viruses etc. It’s a fungus like a mushroom that is mainly on your scrotum. Which comes down to treating it. It’s just on your balls but needs to breathe death. So you circile it on your scrotum (balls) and let it breathe out it’s untimely death.

Who would have knee a mushroom needs air to die? Wrap a mushroom in cling film and you’ll soon see that it [...]

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December 21, 2019

The best place to begin traveling? Edinburgh? Málaga? Beijing?

Is down the Málaga Spain coastlin for us or is it closer than we think. Or into longer destination beginnings with traveling around Asia beginning at the most populous city offered at China and of course at its best and most importantly the most populous country in the world. Or is second place for population the more truer way of looking at this?

You can have the cold, wet and a windy Edinburgh, always a good choice, especially their hostels. The mixture of culture here, leveling you beyond imagination once again, populous mixture of culture fulfilling your next steps on travel or where you want to go next. Ensuring that you don’t forget the odd word you’ve [...]

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December 17, 2019

Namecheap coupon codes December 2019.

It’s that time of the month again where I release my namecheap coupon codes. Your go-to place for domains and hosting.

The coupon codes change every month so this is the codes for December 2019. The next one’s will be right into the new year. Isn’t it exciting we are at the end of the world dates and we have evidence to prove it yet we can still get excited about our future plans with domains and hosting. We are that sort of species that can dwell on the future or past or not, so let’s not and instead check out these coupons.

50% off Shared Hosting Plans

Good news! Now enjoy 50% off any of our Shared Hosting Plans, available only [...]

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December 17, 2019

I wish god didn’t create these things

An so it happens god has created so many bad things it’s worrying he is just a lion amongst the wilderbeast.

I’m atheist buddhist’ and wish god created us with no unhappiness, no pain and suffering, no illnesses and no poverty. Yet god created all these things I’ve mentioned. Yes he created suffering but it’s only with the heart you can see what’s wrong with this planet.

I would like god to appear and apologize for creating these things . Then step forward into our light and put everything good right.

Well, this is an additional thought to a Buddha like god appearing and putting things right.

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