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February 27, 2020

When Heather Ate The Pepper Poem

When Heather ate the pepperAs teeny as a mouseShe yowled with her mouth ablazeWhile running through the house

She spat, she coughedShe drank some waterHer pleas are heardBy her divorced father

He dashed to the storeLike a full-grown stallionTo grab not a pint or a quartBut raw milk in gallons

Heather gulped and gulpedWhile lying on her sideUntil the fire in herStomach has dwindled

Smoke rises from her bodyClimbing to ArcadiaAs Heather kissed her fatherConjured a doughty idea

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February 27, 2020

Gordon’s hospital London is a hell hole

Teaching a lesson in life isn’t hard but putting people in mental health hell holes isn’t on.

No towels No patient first No toiletries No washing machine Taking clothes out before they’re dry Being abusive including physically abusive Being racistGetting you addicted to their drugsGiving you anxietyFraudulently controlling your lifeNo psychology for victims of abuse

Let’s face facts.

No towels

You want towel? Tough there isn’t any. It’s always like that they never have a rota for replacing towels. They don’t even have that rota.

You do without towels every morning because they don’t get any for you [...]

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February 25, 2020

Is there resources for our children?

This is a question you won’t find answered only by yourself. There obviously isn’t resources for our children and we have to live anyway.

Apocalypse now you say?

Let’s face facts.

Oil and coal will run out within 50 years or so

Oil our most important resource will run out within around 50 years so your children won’t have s good life ahead of them as oil surges supply and demand the children will suffer with no oil supply.

If it’s not your children it’ll be their children which is the same difference. No matter how hard we try there won’t be oil for our children or our children’s children. [...]

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February 23, 2020

Has Google apps stopped support for Nokia 6

It seems so; that Google has stopped supporting Nokia 6 for apps.

I have just bought a Nokia 6 and the support for apps is horrendous. Not even Facebook messenger works on Android 9 and Nokia 6. The most important app of all for some.

I’ve given up hope as there’s no way to contact Nokia or Google about the issue. We’re stuck without support and no way to report it.

If you want to report your Nokia 6 problems with Facebook messenger etc. There’s no way to do it. There just isn’t a way.

In the mean time you have to use other apps to access your apps such as Facebook messenger. Over and over again apps aren’t [...]

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