Mark Rafferty is a serial entreprneur whom has built and sold four businesses. After a mental breakdown Mark discovered the books he had read as a child and the experiences he had as a child saved him from suicide. One of his mother’s first lessons was about unconditional love which he remembers being a safety net for the worry and fear inside of him.

At age 14 Mark Rafferty – from Damolly / Shandon Park Newry – set his mind to completing a cross border peace project by Co-operation Ireland which was hosted by President Mary McAleese at her state buildings. The Queen and President of Ireland were both joint patrons of the project. Mark stood up in front of hundreds of people and delivered a poignant speech about how the North and South could look at things in a peaceful way, something which Mark belives is possible, to obtain peace even though they had a difficult past.

Originally from Kilkeel, County Down, Mark grew up in foster care. After struggling at school Mark was introduced to Internet Marketing by a friend and Mark took to the boat that would lead to his success in 4 different businesses he built and sold. After the last successful sale Mark took a turn for the worst and ended up being persecuted by mental health services for a number of years. He remembers clearly how things he had already learned were useful for coping with what was happening to him.

Mark’s plans is to deliver a 52 week Masterclass, a children’s book, and a Poetry for Poverty charity idea. He also runs other succesful blogs and websites in pen names and other ecommerce projects. Mark is A TALENTED COPYWRITER bearing his success as when he fisrst started writing he forgot how much he loved writing. At 6 years old he came second in a poetry compeition and when he looks back, he knows his first love was communications.

If Mark was to explain communications to you he would say.

  1. Do it with empathy
  2. Be yourself and be confident
  3. Identify the problem
  4. Solve the problem
  5. Go the extra mile.

This is the advice Mark shares with others who want to obatin skills in communications. However, there is much more to communications than this. That’s why it’s ok to deviate from Mark’s advice. There are many different variants of how to communicate effectively. Mark’s way was how he learned it to be and how he would give snap advice about.

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