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June 8, 2021

What is life about? Finding meaning for life

What is life about? Find your meaning for life

We are born too late, into a world that doesn’t care.

Once upon a time they would just fall on their sword. Nowadays it’s illegal to carry a sword.

Don’t think about that though, instead think clearly about how you came into this world.

You came from nowhere, right? You just started existing one day…

Do you remember that day?

I can clearly remember my first memories. I choose that I don’t want to discuss them but I wondered if there was more to life from a very young age.

Failure leads us, success follows us.

Back in the ancient days there [...]

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April 3, 2021

Who has evidence god is real?

To this day god’s word doesn’t work for me.

As and when I read god’s word, it hasn’t worked for me. However, I was an agnostic atheist and I’m now I’m sure god is real.

Please use the comments section yo describe your experience of god.

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March 24, 2021

How to feel good

How to feel good, peaceful. Tactics for feeling good.

Notice that you don’t feel good, find a way to feel good. Negative thinking is the number one cause of not feeling good. Remember that!

Right I have tactics for feeling good, from music to anchoring states of mind I’m gonna explain how to feel good.

Rule numero Uno

Don’t let negative thinking ruin the experience, even sick people don’t have negative thinking. Forget suicide? You’re unlikely to do that unless you’re mad enough. Which is something we need to take seriously. Madness may help you identify how to feel good, especially if you research it. Don’t worry [...]

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December 21, 2020

Life is worse than hell poem

Ring the bell.Is this hell?I don’t know.Not able to go with the flow.

We are parasitesWe do the bites.Bitten once, twice shy.I don’t like to say goodbye.

Here we are in earth like hell.All we ever do is smell.One of these days hell will free us.Until then we still gotta catch the bus.

On our way through life.We find the hardness in our strife.Nobody cares.Not even about bears.

This life is hell I’m sure.Something we have to endure.It’s like we shouldn’t be here at all.It’s like one great big fall.

In the fiery depths of this day.You shall be at dismay.There isn’t any escape.It’s like we [...]

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