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Does god make people be evil?

Does god make people be evil?

by markeyFebruary 23, 2020

Have you ever heard of the holy spirit?

The spirit that acts upon god’s word.

So yes god does cause people and creatures to be evil to each other and there’s no stopping him. He had s hardened heart from the beginning and adam and Eve were just hungry and an excuse like Jesus for evil in the world.

Jesus, Adam and Eve are god’s excuses for the evil in the world and Christians fall for it when they know the holy spirit exists there shouldn’t be an evil spirit amongst them. The evil spirit acts under god’s instructions and God is the only evil one amongst us. He causes all evil to exist and be evil. He has the whole world in his hands using the holy spirit.

Let’s face some facts.

God controls and created creatures that crawl into children’s eyes and make them blind.

Yes! Not only does god control humans using the Holy Spirit, he uses the holy spirit to control creatures to crawl into children’s eyes and make them blind. He uses the holy spirit only for evil deeds and we can’t stop him without our nuclear war.

Nuclear war is the only thing god ever gave us to end his evil world

Ending god’s evil world has never been a successful time until the invention of nuclear war and need travelling fast. Without god’s intervention in a nuclear war we have the power to end god’s evil world; for the first time in history.

God’s evil knows no bounds including nightmares being evidence for hell

Just like dreams are evidence for heaven, nightmares are evidence for hell. God’s evil knows no bounds in that he is tramp enough to create s hell.

We can’t stop god making these things real and nor would we even be able to try except using nuclear war. Let bygones be bygones by activating our only salvation, the way to end the world.

There isn’t any such thing as good so long as god is evil and evildoer

As god is the only evildoer in our world there’s no such thing as good and God causes all evil to occur whether it’s through his holy spirit or otherwise god ensures the world is evil enough for him to get away with but not so evil he can’t get away with it.

The only real evildoer is the lord your God and he’s been causing people to be evil for centuries now. We must put an end to god’s evil ways somehow and someday rather than later but as we’re all controlled by God there’s nothing we can do about him.

The lord Jesus was just a magnet to attract people to the idea of murder

While under god’s holy spirit’s control people commit murder because Jesus inset their mind with the ideology of murder and was god’s magnet for such killings. As a magnet for murder Jesus gets a lot of attention but that’s all he was, a magnet for causing people to believe in murder.

Alongside the 10 commandments it’s obvious Jesus was a magnet for murder buy not everyone will see that unless they’re victim of issues associated with Jesus and God.

Conclusion and wrapping up

God causes all evil to happen using his holy spirit and the sooner people end this evil world the better. You don’t need this life as god needs you to carry out his evil deeds, and then he created a lonely heaven or hell that his evil deeds will see which one you go to.

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