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God never loved us from the beginning of time

God never loved us from the beginning of time

by markeyFebruary 20, 2020

I know you’re probably hurting if you’ve landed in this page so let me comfort you. You can’t stop god because he controls everything using his holy spirit who are why you’re hurting (if you are.)

Don’t fear god though fight him with your mind and you may be okay. It’s his choice what happens to every single person on this planet.

Let’s face some pretty horrific facts about god not loving us from the beginning.

God created creatures that crawl into children’s eyes and make them blind and the creatures are controlled by God not themselves

Yes that’s right. God created horrible creatures to be controlled by himself to target vulnerable children and make them blind. God really did this and he was intentionally planning to create a spirit to control every single living creature on the planet. To carry out his work on command and tell them what to do. He commands the spirit to control the things that live including humans but this is his worst creation of all.

God deserves to burn in hell for what he has created but he probably didn’t create a hell, lucky for us we can RIP when we die and he has to live with himself for what he has done to us. He is a horrific man with horrible creation revealed by people who are atheist.

God is a DJ and controls all the music all the time by instructions to his holy spirit

God’s instructions to his holy spirit are only evil instructions; until the holy spirit is instructed to be evil it is a good spirit. The god strikes upon that holy spirit to tell it to do bad things because for the holy spirit there is probably a hell if they don’t do it.

He instructed the holy spirit to let us but while alive and to make people commit suicide. He instructed the holy spirit to control the creatures to crawl into children’s eyes and make them blind. He’s instructs his holy spirit as and when he pleases to and that’s why he created the holy spirit.

You go to heaven alone but God will make you think you’re not there alone if you don’t know the truth

Have you ever seems friends in a dream? Your dreams are heaven and God tells us heaven is bliss. How is being lonely bliss? You’re in for a lot of terrible news about god today and imagine creating a heaven that you go there alone, all by yourself until you decay and rot and there’s nothing left of you to put in heaven.

That’s god for you. He had no intention of loving us and sending you to heaven alone is his best evil he has against you. I would be surprised if god hurts you in heaven like in nightmares. You want to live as long as possible but we can’t stop god killing us any time he wants. One instruction to his spirit and you’re dead, gone to heaven alone, helplessly and without a choice even if you’re an atheist.

God kills people with his own hands and will not admit it to us, his spirit isn’t his only killer, he personally will kill innocent people and children

His own hands. The whole world in his hands. A hospital for sick children is just god’s killing grounds for the fact he never loved us from the beginning. Yes god didn’t love us ever and never has and you’re closer to the truth with that statement than he did love us. He is killing people with his own hands and by instructions to his holy spirit.

Killing with his own hands is not worse than instructing the spirit to do it but it’s as bad and needs to have some attention to detail from the people worshiping him. Let them come unto me. Jesus. I’m not an advocate for God killing children as you can see from this video.

You don’t need to live a god life only he is evil enough to make you worship his evil world

God makes people worship him even though they know his world is evil. It’s total mind control to make the atheist suffer as the atheist is closer to truth than the religious are. The religious worship God when he created bugs that crawl into children’s eyes. They are forced by God and his spirit to ignore what god’s done to cause suffering all around us.

Please stop living a god life if you are and turn your back to him. He isn’t worthy of a newborn baby nevermind an intelligent human being like you. He has never loved us and never will. I’m living proof that he destroyed evens charitable effort by myself. He controls everything and it’s time to break free from his lies. Why worship a god that created those creatures that make children blind and he controls the creatures himself.

Conclusion and wrapping up

You don’t need god. He needs you to fulfill his evil hate for us. He never loved us and never will. Turn your back to him with immediate effect and you will have a better life than you already do. Let not the children come unto him. If he kills one more child, we all kill ourselves so it should be.

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