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Gordon’s hospital London is a hell hole

Gordon’s hospital London is a hell hole

by markeyFebruary 27, 2020

Teaching a lesson in life isn’t hard but putting people in mental health hell holes isn’t on.

  • No towels
  • No patient first
  • No toiletries
  • No washing machine
  • Taking clothes out before they’re dry
  • Being abusive including physically abusive
  • Being racist
  • Getting you addicted to their drugs
  • Giving you anxiety
  • Fraudulently controlling your life
  • No psychology for victims of abuse

Let’s face facts.

No towels

You want towel? Tough there isn’t any. It’s always like that they never have a rota for replacing towels. They don’t even have that rota.

You do without towels every morning because they don’t get any for you and it’s not fair because then you forget to wash yourself at all.

No patient first

They don’t understand the NHS rules of patient first. When you ask for something and they’re on the computer they don’t respond to you how they should. They respond in the wrong way and they can’t even look after your rights to patient first.

There is a patients first rule in the NHS and they don’t abide by it. They haven’t even been taught it obviously and when you tell the service manager she just goes uhh. There really isn’t anywhere to turn to.

No toiletries

There is a time and a place for providing toiletries. In the morning and
they don’t have a rota for providing the toiletries and they don’t engage you with showering time. They never engage you to enjoy a shower; meaning they don’t care if you keep yourself clean or not.

There’s a time and a place to provide toiletries and they don’t have the rota to provide them. They’re really behind on their game and it’s not on. They’re abusing people’s rights to be clean and tidy.

No washing machine

When you ask to use the washing machine they don’t respond to you immediately and then you forget to do your washing. They’re not on top of their game when it comes to opening the washing machine for you.

When you actually want to wash your clothes they won’t open the washing machine door. Not only that. When you have washing in the washing machine they let other patients handle your washing. They even let them take non-dry clothing from the washing machine any time they want to. They don’t even let your clothes dry.

Being abusive including physically abusive

When they want to search you they man handle you and get rough with you. They don’t have time to be nice and pleasant with you. They almost broke my friends wrist by trapping it in the door. They have cut my hand with their nails in a showdown of might against might.

They are physically and verbally abusive including racism.

Being racist

The staff are mostly black and they never take the white patients on their leave when they want to go but they take the black people on their leave.

They have it all wrapped up in a little ball if you’re black but if you’re white you can forget it. If you’re any other race than black just forget being respected. It’s not going to happen any time soon.

Getting you addicted to their drugs

Perhaps one of the most horrendous and terrifying things of all is them getting you addicted to their drugs. Once you’re on them you start to get anxious and anxiety without them. You can’t even sleep without their meds eventually. Then they put you on a community treatment order to ensure you can’t quit the drugs and figure it out. Quitting the drugs will reveal to you that you’re in safe hands without the drugs as I’ve had the same thing done to me at another mental hospital however the drugs weren’t so de-habilitating it was opanzapine which doesn’t give you anxiety. The drugs they’re handing out at Gordon’s hospital London are giving us anxiety and anxious suffering. Without the drugs we can’t manage anymore and they’re doing it to as many people as they can. They’re subduing our survival instinct using horrible drugs not fit for research purposes never mind administration.

Giving you anxiety

Before I went into Gordon’s hospital I didn’t have anxiety at all but a while after their abuse and meds were hanging on me I started to get hallucinations and hearing voices and anxiety which I still have because I can’t get off the drugs for they make me feel okay again every time and I just want to feel okay. The meds they’re giving are causing people to have anxiety and panic attacks and this practice must stop, I’ve seen so many beautiful people destroyed by psychiatry and it’s not on in this day and age. We must stop psychiatry making people sicker than they ever were and unable to return to normal.

Fraudulently controlling your life

Want to go out on your leave? Oh you must give us a urine test for that and as for smoking; forget it, you’re on a multi story building and smoking isn’t allowed inside.

The whole place controls your life like they’re your evil mommy and daddy you never had.

No psychology for victims of abuse

CBT is the only thing known to work for mental health problems. You can’t come out the other end well without it but it isn’t available at all. You tell them you were abused and they just keep piling on the meds. It’s not on. It’s really, really evil and needs to stop.

Conclusion and wrapping up

Gordon’s mental health hospital is a run down hell hole that needs a makeover and the senior staff just go uhh when you tell them. I’m reaching out to change how this place is run and to get help for other patients that will come after me. Until the problems are solved people will live hell on earth; the staff have no clue what they’re doing and it needs to stop.

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