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Has Google apps stopped support for Nokia 6

Has Google apps stopped support for Nokia 6

by markeyFebruary 23, 2020

It seems so; that Google has stopped supporting Nokia 6 for apps.

I have just bought a Nokia 6 and the support for apps is horrendous. Not even Facebook messenger works on Android 9 and Nokia 6. The most important app of all for some.

I’ve given up hope as there’s no way to contact Nokia or Google about the issue. We’re stuck without support and no way to report it.

If you want to report your Nokia 6 problems with Facebook messenger etc. There’s no way to do it. There just isn’t a way.

In the mean time you have to use other apps to access your apps such as Facebook messenger. Over and over again apps aren’t working with Android 9 and Nokia 6. Not even the photo apps will work for posting on Facebook. When you try to upload s Facebook photo your gallery doesn’t show any photos.

It’s a horrendous failing by Nokia 6 and Google and the Nokia 6 is still on sale. Until we get an update to Android 10 we are stuck with buggy apps and downloads and photo galleries.

You can’t upload photos to any apps without problems and it’s sickening. I’m thinking to refund my phone but will as Nokia for comments somehow. I’ll update this post when I get a response from Nokia about the Nokia 6 gallery and app issues. There are problems beyond problems and it’s not fair.

The problem is that if you have got a dodgy android then Nokia aren’t your best company to side with. They don’t even answer their support queries. Questions go unanswered for days so don’t expect much there. It’s not as horrendous as you think not having a working phone until you find that the supplier won’t even reply to you ever again about your issues.

There’s not satisfaction in that there android. There’s not satisfied customers all over this world and the whole world doesn’t deserve it. We only came here for the applause at the end of that video my android phone doesn’t even have me see.

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