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How to deliver yourself from evil

How to deliver yourself from evil

by markeyFebruary 3, 2020

WARNING: I’ve been to heaven/Valhalla and was walking on water, parting rivers and doing handstands and didn’t want to leave but ye must be warned that going there isn’t for anything than being stilled and returning to earth again. Believe in better even though this article is pessimistic critical information but reality bites sometimes.

The truth shall set you free.

John chapter something or other.

This world is evil, the black death is upon us and we’re ignorant because we don’t know the truth. God made life for you to go to heaven one day or another. Maybe even hell, god forbid. Forbidden we hope. Nightmares though, are an evidence for hell (GOD FORBID) so don’t let god win over you; for If you know the truth you can be set free from the bounds of heaven or a hell (GOD FORBID WITH THANKS). Imagine going to the pearly gates and not being prepared. God will cheat you from your life, like the world cheats many from their lives every day. So don’t be ill prepared for anything god throws at you.

It’s not like it used to be; life. It’s more boring now and isolated people exist all over the world whereas god never used to isolate so many people. He’s also got the whole world in his hands. Your mind is a prisoner to god, he keeps you from the knowledge he doesn’t want you to have so he can put you in heaven or as you might hate to believe a hell (GOD FORBID PLEASE) though you can’t go to purgatory if you’re embraced. Embrace yourself from synthetic life in heaven and win at your life through preparation for the worst. Not saying that god can’t do anything he wants, just saying be prepared for the worst and you’ll do just rightly.

This article is designed to embrace you for life without evil. God will put you through hell (GOD PLEASE FORBID) on earth life just to give you heaven. Well heaven is synthesized, it’s like having a dream. You’ve already been to heaven if you’ve dreamed vividly. The black death was like some sort of mass going to heaven. Ask an ye shall receive, so they were religious and they’d quietly asked to go to heaven and god made it that way for them. The whole point is you need not believe in god’s palace, or any palace, imagine living in squalor with nothing. Imagine you have nothing and want nothing; thou shall not want. Yes the truth shall set you free.

We’re all evil until we break free from god’s evil, Until an antichrist comes too many people are suffering evil. Delivering yourself from god’s unravelling life (he gave you), isn’t easy but you mustn’t let him put you in heaven, this is the most important delivery for you. To break the avails of a place in heaven, he will avail you to it if you don’t know what to do about it. The delivery facts are this; in the beginning he made the heavens and the earth. You’ll need to break free at one stage of your life before he puts you up to Peter and into heaven. Yes, the Corona virus is upon us as I write this so you can’t stop him putting you in heaven, but you can restraint yourself from god’s evil ways by not being an evildoer and refraining from not delivering yourself from evil. God never said you need to deliver yourself from his evil; yes there’s no Satan; that must be learnt too. That only good will leave you with unravelling life and you must deliver yourself from evil asap.

It means that you must try to deliver others from evil as much as you can and not be god’s evildoer. The evildoer that is god, is not in the heavens, he is synthetic, funny that word sound like sin-thetic, just to show you how god hides in front of your face, it’s something you need to be aware of. God is a violent man, hell (FORBID HELL GOD PLEASE) can’t exist ntellectually but that’s because purgatory doesn’t exist in a hell (HELL DOESN’T EXIST PLEASE FORBID GOD). God is smart enough to fool you into believing in a heaven or hell (GOD FORBID HELL’S EXISTENCE) using Jesus as magnet, hrfe’s smart enough to fool you with a hell. Hell doesn’t exist if you deliver yourself from evil heaven or hell. God can’t hurt you anymore once you’ve read this article and understood it and if you have questions, please do ask me in the comments. I’m determined to make it into Google for the terms ‘how to relieve yourself from evil’ or ‘how to deliver yourself from evil.’ We can’t stop god mind controlling us and putting us through evildoers ways, because he’s got the whole world in his hands but we can hope that delivering people from evil is possible. It’s only truths here in this service to your mind, and deradiclaising people will also happen if you read this.

Unconditional love is what God didn’t teach for putting people in heaven in complex ways. To make another kill another god complexly hid the words unconditional love from us. This is as much a deradiclaising article as it is a delivery from evil. Let’s just say Jesus was a brain fart (or wasn’t and I should be sorry because he was a sweetheart) for making people hurt each other and not act upon another’s suffering as they should. Some people are suffering and we don’t care, that’s because we’re radicalism, a thing created by God. No matter what God puts you through your delivery from evil needs to happen today, it can’t happen any other way than today because the truth shall set you free. Jesus really was just a brain fart for killing people and going to heaven yourself even if you kill someone. Sure an afterlife is imagined by the stupid god controlled Christians but if you’re googling how to deliver yourself from evil, then you’re open to being delivered from evil and I’m doing my best. Questions welcome. I’m a delivery from evil you hadn’t thought about, that heaven is the evil you need to be delivered from.

God hides from you. He didn’t abound a relationship with us so he could quietly have his gates of heaven open 24/7 and then he gets greedy at times like the black death. You don’t want to go to heaven, god made it and it’s just a synthetic place, just like a vivid dream. This you must deliver yourself from this evil, Christian and Muslim, both heaven believing rule the world, all controlled by god at the same time so delivery from this evil is hard to do without an expert delivery man on your side. I hope you find this article, and it doesn’t get buried. If it gets buried, it’ll be a sad state of affairs that you can’t deliver yourself from your evildoers world of evildoing. You can’t deliver yourself from heaven, it’s not burnt in your mind yet. Your mind is a precious thing attacked by god in many, something to be cherished in a delivery from evil. God is the evildoer but only for his heaven, his supposed grace doesn’t exist in real life, he is never sorry for what he does. That’s because his heaven; nobody is broken free from that. Nobody I know talks about it and it’s a new adventure for me to reach people how to deliver themselves from evil.

Evil is everywhere and good is nowhere, homeless people suffer under parliament and culture suffers the most without unconditional love. The unconditional love is hidden for god’s purposes, it’s only god that hides the knowledge of unconditional love. This knowledge must be hidden, as much as the jesus theory I have because God has a heaven and a hell possible to put you there in purgatory. People on earth aren’t able to break free from evil or evildoers, god knows I’ve tried. There’s not even natural grace, no such thing as grace except going to heaven. And heaven is only a vivid dream, to think it’s a synthetic thing will hurt the fundamental believers eyes so I doubt I’ll be seen without trying to deliver you from evil actively. You also mustn’t close your hands to the poor, but god controls the people, he controls your mind, you won’t have a choice about giving to the poor or not. For that he will blank your mind just like he will blank my delivery message if Google doesn’t rank me. Let’s hope I can reach out at my delivery from evil from trying to hang myself because God persecuted me and then having vivid dreams, seeing heaven for myself and how non majestic it really is. How boring the thought of anything only death after life is. Not life after death as we’re taught to believe by god.

Your mind is a prisoner of god, like a slave to his purpose for you. I’m probably controlled by him too but I work against his interest in you. He can’t even hurt you once you read this delivery message, let’s say a shepherd is required for those led astray by god, the world is currently under complete control by god, and ye must be set free.
His purpose for you is to put you in heaven, that’s all he wants for you. And you don’t want to go there, your main delivery from evil. Now let’s explain jesus.

Jesus was a brain fart from god designed as magnet for your kind. To have your mind focus on jesus whenever you’re in need and then god not to give you what you need at most. Most of us received what we needed but many of us didn’t. God doesn’t give everyone everything they want because jesus and god are designed to open heaven fot you and I know you’re hurting how do do youou enjoy heaven as much? Jesus was god’s little pawn and probably did suffer on the cross to keep people’s lives ready for heaven. We’ve happily been going to heaven for centuries, something god didn’t have to do. Something that causes great sufferings for this unexpectedly put there but at the same time it’s a paradise you don’t need. Jesus was god’s spokesperson for heaven becoming a reality for you, to accept it like you need it when you don’t.

Without being long-winded let’s overlook what your dreams (heaven) mean for your delivery from evil.

Jesus was a brain fart for making people kill people and send them to heaven
Christianity was the spread of knowledge to make heaven known
Culture needs unconditional love to be taught which god left out of religion
Heaven is a place on earth and you’ll accept nothing else if you’re delivered from evil
Atheism is not as simple to be delivered from evil
God hurts people and controls your mind
Unconditional love must be taught to unravel us from god’s evil and set us free

That’s a summary of what we’ve just spoke about, as a speaker against god and his evil ways it’s delivery from evil that I focus on and if you haven’t read this article properly, you need to. You need delivery from evil as much as I did. Evidence evildoers are winning is enough for me to care that I delivered anyone from evil using a formula called the god and jesus theory which you’ve just read.

If you don’t feel delivered from evil, (you will never deliver yourself from evildoers until they’re unconditionally loving you), so don’t expect to get your point across about what you’ve just learned without teaching unconditional love. That’s only part of delivering yourself from evil and your questions are welcome below to please decipher god’s bad recipe with me and deliver the world from evil and evildoers together. We’re not dead yet so we shouldn’t give up, not an eternal life anymore as hopeful as possible I’ve broken that, and not a killer mind either nor a hurtful mind. Ask questions now and bleed god’s evil world into a better world. We aren’t going to die anytime soon, so we might as well decipher delivery from evil here and now, my deciphering is not so complicated and it’s a working formula.

Unconditional love
Disbelief in heaven
God mind controls us
God holds our minds prisoner
Religion was a brain fart magnet
Hell hath no fury
Heaven is a place on earth (delivered from evil.)
Unconditional love wasn’t taught by god

So there we have it a combination of the things God unravels for you through me, yes I think he controls me, he controls everything all the time. Don’t be fooled by him, he used me and ate me up, like a fool, he’s a real fool if you don’t unravel yourself from him. He’s a broken freaky geek that you need unraveled from by being delivered from evil and evildoers are just his pawns mind controlled, mainly by religoin. Unravel yourself today and ask questions below, don’t delay your delivery, discuss your delivery and I shall be responsible for your delivery from my story to your way out from god’s evil that you seek to be unraveled from. Don’t let him burn you alive by keeping your mind under his control any longer.

Update; there may be millions of god’s as explained in this article. I recommend taking this with a pinch of salt if you’re not serious minded enough to let bygones be bygones.

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  • markey
    February 3, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    If you have questions please ask and feel free to be delivered from evil. You can contact me on Facebook, a guy in a pink coat called mark Rafferty, you don’t need to add me as friend, it’s an open public profile, I will do my best to deliver you from evil. That’s if you have questions after reading this.

  • February 16, 2020 at 4:29 am

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

    • markey
      March 28, 2020 at 8:23 pm

      It’s the best, most likely evil to be delivered from and hoping Google helps me to rank and deliver people from evil. The current information on Google is pro-religion, whereas I’m from a different angle.

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