How to help charity for free

It’s a big thing doing something for charity and for free?

Sure you can.

Subscription to only takes a second or two and you’ll immediately help charity for absolutely FREE.

Let’s talk about how that’s possible, shall we?

Advertising on the internet pays by CPM and the more viewers the more money is given to charity

With poetry for poverty we solve financial crisis with poverty poetry. Every subscription will receive a poem per day to their inbox written by one of our team. Or guest writers will submit their poetry.

You will receive a poem per day to your inbox every day and when you come to the website our advertising will put money in the pot for charitble project coordination. Every subscription counts and it’s better if you read the poem in your browser as we don’t advertise in the email apart from affiliate sales. We will recommend products and services to you which we receive a commission from and donate to charitble caused. Mostly financial crises that people can’t get out of.

Poetry for financial crises is poetry for poverty and you can take part starting today

It only takes a minute to subscribe and you can watch the heartfelt video by Mark Rafferty as he lay homeless on the streets he came up with an idea to solve poverty crises including the Just £1 campaign.

Please enter your email and watch the video that follows. You will serve the global community with financial help in financial crises. All you need to do is open the poetry emails that come to your inbox and you will then be able to visit the website to help charity for free. There’s no easier way to help charity for free than Poetry for Poverty idea.

It’s for people in dire need of a boost like Harry’s story which is this this

Harry (name changed for privacy purposes), was in dire need to pay his rent or he would go homeless. He met Mark Rafferty through Facebook and Mark proceeded to donate money in small amounts until Harry was back on his feet. There was no stringent interviewing as people are taken at face value and only given what they need according to research on their needs. As people approach Mark’s charity they are helped for free.

This is a real way to help charity for free and it’s working for the people who contacted Mark’s charity. It’s the only real way on earth to help charity for free except for the Just £1 campaign which urges people to carry just £1 with them when they are out and about so that they can give to the homeless more freely.

Let’s take another story from J in the Philippines, name not changed but privacy given

J was at school and had failed due to school fees getting on top of him. Every time he needs to pay a school fee he contacted Mark’s charity and was given the appropriate school fee. You can help educate people for free by subscribing today so please subscribe and get on the ball with your charitble efforts. Mark reaches far and wide using the internet to find people to help. He donates all his time to his business and charity; his business being charitble as well.

Conclusion and wrapping up

Mark’s charity has already helped many people in a financial crisis and he wants to help as many people as possible to get back on their feet. Currently concentrating his efforts on more impoverished countries and the United Kingdom because that’s where he’s from. If you want to help charity for free this is how to do it. There’s no better way than this, this is the best way to help charity for free. Join today and subscriber forever as it doesn’t cost you a penny and you’ll help charity again and again and again.