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Is there resources for our children?

Is there resources for our children?

by markeyFebruary 25, 2020

This is a question you won’t find answered only by yourself. There obviously isn’t resources for our children and we have to live anyway.

Apocalypse now you say?

Let’s face facts.

Oil and coal will run out within 50 years or so

Oil our most important resource will run out within around 50 years so your children won’t have s good life ahead of them as oil surges supply and demand the children will suffer with no oil supply.

If it’s not your children it’ll be their children which is the same difference. No matter how hard we try there won’t be oil for our children or our children’s children. There’s nothing we can do about fossil fuels running out.

Fossil fuels are running out at an alarming rate

Not only is oil running out, fossil fuels are also running out and our children won’t have enough fossil fuels to live on. Do you say APOCALYPSE now knowing this? I think so.

The question surrounding whether our children will have fossil fuels and resources or not isn’t answered anywhere around this internet which spells it out for you. There isn’t and they don’t have the heart to report it.

They’re too busy blaming climate change for the world’s end when it’s resources and fossil fuels that’ll be the end of us. Our children really won’t have fossil fuels at all.

Resources are running out at an alarming rate

Resources are running out faster than they’re reporting them to be. Within the next decade we will have very little left and nobody is fairly reporting the loss of our resources. We depend on our resources so much so that without them life is unsustainable and unworthy of our time.

We have gotten so used to using things like phosphorus for farming that there’s no time left to regenerate these resources we use so dearly and appreciatively. Our resources are running out and our children will be left with nothing. Absolutely nothing and the apocalypse couldn’t come faster for those that know about this.

Wait what it’s all over?

How can it be over we were only just getting started or were we? Who are we? Juche? Let’s not talk about our hermit state so badly. Juche is a fantastic idea the west want to keep us hidden from obviously their lies sell better than the Audrey Hepburn book that doesn’t tell you our world is ending.

Yes nobody is telling us but JUCHE is still the solution to all our problems. We can’t deny that even a person needs a home to suicide in these days so no home no death for some. Juche will fix it. Stop belittling a hermit state doing so well and do something.

We aren’t going to live forever. But we sure as heck need a solution to the apparent madness that is non socialist democracy and juche answers that solidly while totally undervalued in all of society.

There’s no going backwards here only forwards and the western world is deluding us from the fact North Korea already solved it. Juche solved it. They just don’t know how to send 5 million men on missions of manliness in JUCHE living style. They have to portray themselves a military state to protect juche from us minions who’ve already lost the battle.

It can’t be all over and North Korea have an answer

Juche built homes for people using university students. Whose university does that?

Juche style uses any available avenue to rescue an environment. Any environment is rescuable using the juche approach and never belittle out hermit States success at the methodology, hard work, works. Juche states that to build upon the experience of the past as an ongoing project is the way forward and here we have military proposal trying to strike 5 million juche men dead. No world, we need 5 million devoted men to work for society unlike the jaded truths we’re receiving because it’s the end.

Nobody wants it to end really and truly the majority would like to see what is going on?

So nobody wants the political agenda to tell us it’s all over just yet. I’m guessing nearly every man woman and child knows we’re at the end and nobody wants to spill the beans.

The cats out of the bag guys, it’s the end of the world and covering it up just isn’t working for some of us. Many of us care where our/the children will feed their children and so on.

The children don’t have any hope but nobody wants to let the cats out of the bags. So to speak. It’s an immensely difficult thing to sit back and watch so quietly crying about some rapture nobody’s ever heard of as our only hope.

Yes back to juche. Our true only hope but we have persecuted our hermit state into building a military to propose juche ideology instead of war or something else? I think juche is real men answers to world’s toughest decisions. But we only have Western lies covering over the juche reality of North Korea as an offer to worldwide solutions. We have the whole world in our hands with 5 million juche men; not the 5 million military men these men are portrayed as. We live in hope that juche creates itself in the hearts of men far and wide, give something back to society every time. That’s what juche is about.

So you don’t want it to end like this either?

Not without something substantial affixing itself as a bit of pride in the world. Something seeing all homeless people off streets and all poverty eradicated. That’s what real men do it’s our time to know this.

You see the IRA (an illegal feud army in Ireland and abroad), used to get a lot of support when children were to be seen and not heard but it’s the other way around now. Children can be heard loud and clear and northern Ireland government speaks something about what the children say.

They want peace and peace is possible when men stop boring us to tears with nothingness and fill our lives with somethingness. It’s the something that fills the lives of anyone’s life that fills the life of everyone’s life. There’s nothing quite like being a contributor to society while you can be. No point wasting your existence to alcoholic beverages and whatnot.

Conclusion and wrapping up

As you can see fossil fuels, resources and our key player oil, coal are running out faster than we know. It’s all kept secret so don’t worry if your kids have nothing, they’re hiding the fact we should probably end our world and get it over and done with immediately or at least say something once and for all about our end times and what’s going on. Not just the rapture which is hopelessly holding onto nothing as the answer to everything, and thinks this will just arrive whenever it feels like it.

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