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Life is worse than hell poem

Life is worse than hell poem

by markeyDecember 21, 2020

Ring the bell.
Is this hell?
I don’t know.
Not able to go with the flow.

We are parasites
We do the bites.
Bitten once, twice shy.
I don’t like to say goodbye.

Here we are in earth like hell.
All we ever do is smell.
One of these days hell will free us.
Until then we still gotta catch the bus.

On our way through life.
We find the hardness in our strife.
Nobody cares.
Not even about bears.

This life is hell I’m sure.
Something we have to endure.
It’s like we shouldn’t be here at all.
It’s like one great big fall.

In the fiery depths of this day.
You shall be at dismay.
There isn’t any escape.
It’s like we live in a hell like landscape.

Sure who would choose to live in this world.
Unless this hell planet forces put existence in this world.
Nobody said it would be easy today.
Nobody said we’d suffer affray.

Who could say the evil stops.
Nobody even tries to heaven and hops.
The planet is jaded.
We are all faded.

There is no light to break up the dark.
We suffer but spirit suffers no fark.
Let’s just say we’d rather die.
Than eat that fry.

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