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The electronic cigarette conundrum. Which is the best ecig?

The electronic cigarette conundrum. Which is the best ecig?

by markeyOctober 24, 2019
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Welcome to Mark Rafferty’s take on ecigs, and how that stars in their eyes puff of smoke isn’t very good looking and what you can do about it.

These days a lot of smokers look like they’re coming onto the stage for stars in their eyes (thanks admiral Duncan pub Soho, London for that joke.) If you’re like me and enjoy smoking and the way it’s always been that stars in your eyes way of life, smokers life ain’t for you. I have discovered that out of 7 people 6 people found my choice of ecigratte a definite and certain, cigarette-like replacement for their smoking habits. All 7/7 people claimed that they didn’t like the amount of smoke that comes from.oher vapes.

My choice was of course the blu pro kit with tobacoo flavoured refills. This is the one staring you in the face all day long as you walk in and out of different shops, which is a good sign to begin with but one 23 avoid because starts in their eyes smokers have ruined the idea of ecigratte for many. So here I am preaching for conversion, to become the ecig smokers that makes the clouds upon clouds and we know massive clouds of smoke that put people off ecigrattes. No surrender from my research and I and 6/7 heavy smokers switches to bluz gotta say a lot for the rwalot of the over the counter options for puffing away without so much harm as the normal cigarettes. In fact water based eliquida and you reduce the harm to most minimal and repairable. Obviously if you’re a cloudy type you have to be going towards ashes and dust upon yourself R.I.P. brother and sister. Please don’t hesitate to get away from smoking altogether, I’ve done it twice before and it glorified life temporarily but now with ecigratte I feel those exact sam situations could be held just as good with an ecig but not as a smoker. 

You want to beware of chemicals added to the electronic cigarette unless you are having a death wish, because some chemicals still in eliquid are similar to tobacco additives and can cause serious harm when used wrongly. They’re usuay added for burning things at a better temperature for the enjoyment of your lungs, something burns too high and your lungs hurt, something burns too low and it won’t burn at all or the smoking experience feels like breathing fresh air, then smoking becomes a useless stress reliever and a useless habit. Smoking is a fantastic habit that you should try for medicinal purposes and with ecigs and non-chemical refilla you have the perfect combination for the goodness of smoking to shine its light on you. I’m not glorifying smoking, I’m glorifying am ancient Indian hookah remedy now found in hookah lounges in cities and towns all around the world. Smoking has many more benefits than it does set backs but used responsibly and you can love beyond 100 and still be smoking. Use wronglyz beligerently and smoking is nothing but a waste of your life, a disrespect to those that love you and a completely forgotten sombre refusal to that first offering for smoking. 

Disposable or non disposable. To refill pod/no pod or not to refill.

How much are you annoyed by environmental issues and how alert is your council for provided services ensuring you can isolate disposable from non-disposable. Personally I’m a refill man, because imagine you’re on a desert island, how do you refill a disposable then?  The idea behind refilling is you get small bottles with your flavour and nicotine strength and away you go, bobs your uncle. The eagle has landed if I can influence you to skip pod refills and go directly for liquid refills. Just as I’m writing this my neighbour with pod refills came and asked had I got any pods, my answer was no, he left emptty handed and a piece of advice – please for the love of God (I’m a Buddhist atheist btw.) get yourself a liquid refull, we have refilled it with water and the juice from leaves through desperation so don’t underestimate the refill non-disposable options on the till or on the internet. And please for Christ’s sake don’t buy the pod refills because if you end up in a desert like Jesus you can’t refil her or anything, she becomes useless. The refillable, liquid refills is a way forward for you now. If you read this and forget to try and listen and give it a go, the sky will fall on your head. Hello world.

Warning warning high voltage! You’re overloaded with dose now stop.

Who’s going to tell you you are overloaded with dose of nicotine or eliquid. It’s not that won’t high voltages unless highly coincidental and it’s not that ecigareete that wants you to be on stars in their eyes, it’s that ecig that is like a normal cigarette and has blatantly obvious warnings when you’re overdoing it. According to my instructions this fail safe feature isn’t mentioned but I can sure as it is mine to smoke, say there’s a safety mechanism that flashes like 90 when I smoke too much or especially when I allow others to smoke along with me. I even think I have to wait at least 2 minutes before it’ll work properly again. Enough time to discipline the wastage of not putting it away for a rainy day. Yes ecigs will smoke your brains out, so be careful if you’re doesn’t have fail safety features. Smoking is best enjoyed responsibly unless there’s anything else reasoning to be irresponsible like anger management or seeking that smoke til you drop attitude (must warn buckfast or whisky is a better idea but be in a safe place first.) People don’t believe there’s medicinal chemistry between smoking and us, albeit habitual distractions and slight nicotine dependence solved, it’s still a medicine used correctly and I swear it’s the great non dependant upon, slight affecting drug within the tobacco that releases dopamine by the stress relief allowing dopamine to flow freely.

 Don’t quote me on that but I’m experienced with my brain and the affects of different drugs, 17 weeks clear again so looks like another long time no drugs again. I don’t advise any way to quit anything than preparation for a cold turkey event and that’s that. My cold turkey even for smoking wasn’t coming, I couldn’t feel it’s verge but I did everything else for almost 17 weeks now. Always be prepared is my best advice for quitters but if you need advice you have my website right here I’ll point you in the direction of my ebook for quitters and I have quit more than 5 times once for 8 years after a cold turkey event. So take your time to trust in me and I’ll shine light on your quitting adventure. Quit the electronic cigarette? I don’t think it’s going to happen but anyone against it, can argue a cold turkey agreement and I’d do that quit too, but please don’t hesitate to forget I asked a challenge of such distortion of my remedies. By the way my smoking machine, Blu Pro flashes when I’ve inhaled too much, so it cares that I’m using the right dose and I think it flashes after so many puffs too. It definitely has a fail safety inside its computer chip but I don’t know if the instruction manuals say it, but it’s definitely a flashing when I overdo it.

Going for the highest quality or cheapest lowest quality? Here’s my two cents.

Illegal ecigs aren’t for buying for any reason. They have been known to explode and cause fires and even death. You’re treading the thin blue line if you want to buy cheap, very cheap ecig and get away with it. They can cause house fires and many other problems, some of them even come with very toxic refills because the flavouring was too expensive to create you a cheap product. Although not all cheap products are a worry, cheap ecigs are illegally the beat illegal on the market. Poison refills and fire starting designs isant what you want. You’ll end up feeling like a murderer the rest of your life and maybe even be done for manslaughter. Beware of very cheap refillable ecigs, disposables well depending on how cheap there too one must be careful as pie. Don’t use it indoors, don’t put it in your pocket and only use it once. No point buying very cheap ecigs at all, you’ll cause havoc and even death or imprisonment for yourself and your salesman, whether either of you know or not you would both be used to the normal cost of a high level of quality product. Please for the love of yourself and everyone around you stick with quality products that are rigorously tested, and if you don’t believe the danger of cheap ecigs look up the videos on YouTube one here for you to watch immediately.

Suitable flavours and your vape’s preferred refills

Not all vape machines a.k.a ecigs burn at the same temperature, some heat at a lower temperature hence the pods and some at a higher temperature and some at an adjustable temperature. If non adjustable, it’s oils based eliquids you’re supposed to use however you can try water based ones for the sake of it to test and see. The taste from a vape heating at the wrong temperature will be very noticeable and I’m not figuratively speaking, I’m serious about the taste being perfect. Naturally my vape comes with oil based liquids but I’m going to try change that for water based ones asap. It was the rush to buy one and the limited selection that I have oil based (glycerin) for heated smoking pleasures. The default liquid will say what your vape prefers to heat for you. Manufacturers don’t seem to be treading the wire of telling you about additives and temperatures for a better smoking experience. Glycerin in mine says water based won’t burn at the right temperature and I’ll have an awful smoking experience but I can keep it as a backup once I try juul which seems to be water based option. I’m all for ridding the oil from the heating process but it may not be possible and that’s why there’s so many people running round like they’re about yo start singing on stars in their eyes. 

Just a couple other things, child proof and appetite affected by vaping?

Children do no smoke because they’d die a child. Their lungs and body has not grown to the specifications required to keep a child alive for long times through smoking habits. Although there is some 3 year old smoker somewhere in China I can’t help but feel that his oarents and family etc. then and now only allow for the cameras because scientifically all that monoxide, poison, tar etc. in a cigarette would kill such a little boy so quickly. So quickly that it’s obvious you need to ensure you keep your tobacco stuff kid friendly, regulating where you use your products and store them. Just because its an ecig it’s still like smoke going into their lungs and bloodstream so please be a responsible adult and keep children away from your smoking sessions and products. Asides from children your friends too. Same rules apply. If they don’t smoke don’t make them breathe your smoke if you possibly can baring your home smoking experience divided and conquered by visits from your non smoking friends. The other hand for friendship and vaping is they might have new flavours, new coils, new machines, and the beneficially gained social experience begins at home with friends and ecigs. Vape together until your heart’s content. Happy days.

Summary of the vape ecig that’s for you

Just because your friend’s are like coming onto stage in stars in their eyes doesn’t mean you should be too. That amount of vapour is burning your lungs so badly you can only imagine the upcoming health warnings from battering your lungs like that. You als like to be different I hope, I’m always indifferent but I’m always the outsider’s victim as such so being ind kiifferent is natural to me. That big cloud of vapour may seem attractive but does a normal cigarette not even a cigar cloud you in smoke that much? So that part solved it’s time to seek the advice of an expert like myself who has studied those who vape in London, one of the largest cities in the world. People have avoided high street stores and newsagents and ended up with whole clouds coming in and out of their lungs as the alternative. Yes the high street store is where you seen the real cigar, that killer one that 90 year olds smoke. Something I don’t understand about our lives is the bigerence towards the sufferers while people who’ve never suffered stride by them as if they don’t care, and they don’t seem to care. I’ve throughout my time studying humans noticed an innate ability to act like their part of something (meaning they must be,) but a lacking effort to pick someone up from the ground. Why would you let someone suffer unless it’s with expectations, of which I can’t imagine what they are but could be many, though way more reasons to care than not. Like love is a billion things, hate is one and beligerence is a form of hatred not called hate but beligerently not at something marvelous and people whom act part of this beligerence act like they’re on a high horse. Also if humpty Dumpty falls these beligerent men and women won’t out humpty back together again. There’s no rationale about helping others so I guess my recommendations for a healthier life when vaping won’t even get a look in, not a care, and we the good’uns defrated, feeling sickened by the bullying from those that act like they’re part of the beligerwnt hatred displayed towards anyone who is wekaned or has weaknesses. Yea I’m saying life isn’t worth it but nor is a crap Vaping machine. Nothing but the best. Blu are good and layer tonight I’ll be testing Juul, a non refill but pod refill one. Let’s hope that goes alright ye beligerence allowing the suffering beyond imaginations and not s drop of care, just lies tangling with lies and balls of strong rolling into more and more lies. At least if you get your ecig right you won’t have beligerently smoked the cloud of stars in their eyes. The foolish walk a long way with the cloudy ecig and the smarty pants find a person like me who has the answer to that awful cloud of smoke we are every day. I’m certain not a fan of much smoke but at least a normal cigarette amount. My recommendation is Blu Pro or Juul, my certainty they will keep you happy is 100% certain.

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