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What is life about? Finding meaning for life

What is life about? Finding meaning for life

by markeyJune 8, 2021

What is life about? Find your meaning for life

We are born too late, into a world that doesn’t care.

Once upon a time they would just fall on their sword. Nowadays it’s illegal to carry a sword.

Don’t think about that though, instead think clearly about how you came into this world.

You came from nowhere, right? You just started existing one day…

Do you remember that day?

I can clearly remember my first memories. I choose that I don’t want to discuss them but I wondered if there was more to life from a very young age.

Failure leads us, success follows us.

Back in the ancient days there was no system, just civilisation that grew to what it is today.

We are TRIBAL.

That is where the meaning of life has been lost, we are like a pride of Lions, we like to be in a pride and that’s how we find pride in life. Most people call it love but there’s more to it than that. In a tribe we thrive, as HSBC banks says in its advert around the year 2020 – “Together We Thrive.” And that we do.

If you’re here because you’re lonely don’t worry, we have evolved to surviuve loneliness, there are people who get to enjoy being lonely even when it’s their worst nightmare.

Loneliness is the worst thing that could happen to any tribal species. When we have tribal instrinsic values unattended to, we begin to ponder what life is about. It’s about finding your tribe – but – if they all disappear or something goes wrong, we can also deal with loneliness in our own way.

Experiencing the tribal life begins with family and ends with family. If your family have abandoned you, the first thing to do is know that being lonely is ok, you can be slef-reliant if you want to.

That’s another thing about life, you have to want to live, you have to want to thrive whatever your evironment. If you were to sum up the meaning of life it would be to thrive whatever is happening and to do what you need to do to have hope.

It’s not constrained to that. It’s not constrained to HOPE.

Hope is a funny thing, when we lose friends etc. we lose hope. We started with hope, but what we lose – depletes our hope.

Having something to do gives you hope but reliance on hope isn’t great. Reliance on self-reliance is great. To be self-reliant you have to mix hopes and wants. You have to want something to do, or want something to have hope.

Mixing together hope and want will give you the passion for desire. What you desire may never be found but as long as you are desiring life, you can have hope then want to do something about it.

Life is basically wanting to have hope whatever the weather. If you look at Scandanvian culture they have a lot of snow, (or Alaska), which you may be a person that compalins about a little bit of rain. I know I do – complain about rain, even though I grew up in Ulster where it always rains. I left and found other places where it rarely rains. Then I learned to complain about rain.

If you complain about things that you really want you will never have the hope to do it.

Think about that.

I could complain right now that I don’t know what to say about the meaning of life. However, when I put my skills to the test, I’m able to give you a logical explanation because I want to and I have hope it will make sense to you.

This is where it gets tricky, to be as resourceful as possible I would have to invite you to a 15 minute call with me to ensure you understand the logic you need to apply to want something, then to do something about it.

There is traps though, like if you want a job but – for example – if you’re in the welfare trap or a similar situation. Getting a job isn’t that easy. Think about it though, so long as you want a job you can hope for a better day where an opportunity arises to have a job.

People who work versus people who don’t have a job/routine

People who work tend to be more happy and stress is their only issue. People who don’t have a job tend to question the reality of life because boredom sets in. To relive yourself from boredom you have to want to not be bored and then have something to do to fill the gaps where you are bored. Simple things such as the following:

  • Listening to music
  • Setting up a Facebook group
  • Writing a blog
  • Reading the newspaper
  • Watching TV
  • Learning to survive in a world that doesn’t care
  • Finding out what you really want
  • Gaining hope from wanting something even if you don’t know what it is
  • Disassociating from things that are harder to have
  • Connecting wiht yourself and doing things that you are able to do

These are a few examples of things people are doing in today’s world whether they know they are or not. If they don’t know then they aren’t the people who will be here looking to know what life is about. Assume nothing, never give up and never-ever speak badly about yourself are three more ways to connect with yourself and let go of what can’t be.

I don’t think we have learned from history much, or that you will even benefit from my advice. All I know is that this article serves the purpose to devote at leas5 15 minutes to you to have you know what exactly life is about. A mixture of want and hope. If you want the wrong things you will hope for the wrong things and the result will always be the same.

I wanted justice once but I changed my mind because if I chased that forever after failing to obtain it, then I would hope for justice that I don’t really believe in. This is another part, what you really believe in is important to you. If you don’t know what that is, find your WHY.

  • Why do I want something?
  • What do I believe?
  • What’s stopping me from doing something about my situation?
  • Is my situation actually that bad?
  • Do I need to force myself to want things?
  • Will I have peace of mind if I learn how to conquer myself first?

Conquering yourself begins with you and ends with you. If you’re not up for it then life will continue to throw lemons at you. They say make lemonade, but how? The why is how. If you find out why you have – no wants or hope then you can fix what it is that you don’t want about the situation to place new hope in aspiring to be more you and less like a problem to yourself, setting yourself free from the expectations you may already have about your day to day life.

Expect nothing? No. Expect to find a way to solve life’s problems, the whole world working together would be an ultimate goal for humaity, but we don’t know we want that, we just have the opportunity to do it if we really want to. As I said, nearly everyone used to carry a sword, but nowadays nobody is allowed to carry a sword (excusing the USA for making guns so legal they are dangerous to themselves – no judgement just a reality that the USA is more like the sword bearers from historical times). Anyway don’t want to get into a debate about how to live your life or what is right and what is wrong.

Right or wrong it’s not what life is about!

This is because thinking about what is right and what is wrong might send you down the path looking for justice. There’s no hope in seeking justice unless someone is willing to obtain thhat justice for you. So let’s also voer the right and wrong. Would it be wrong for you to have read this whole article? No. I fully and whole heartedly belive if you read and digest and conclude with the today that life is a mixture of things and it’s all based on expectations + instrinsic values. If you weren’t taught family life, would you even care if you have a family or not? Your family should have responsibility for you if they created a family life around you.

There is no guarantee that your family will always be there for you. I got abandoned by looking back in anger which set my family part between myself and them. So eventually I learned to let go, and move on and try and findf solstice in other ways. As much as I will aways love my family, I will never let them upset me again.

Here’s another thing. You’re porbably upset if you are looking to know what life is about, it’s a sign you’re also upset. Can you choose to be upset? About the only process in our mind that affects us is grief. Depression is grief and grief is dfepression. We grieve the simplest of things. I greive all my bad decisiuons. I grieve my first love never turned to marriage, I grieve that the world is a hard place to live if you aren’t aware of what it’s about. I grieve that people are dying and I am living. You might be in the position that grieving the past or the future is a problem for you.

The future is not ours to see. That depends, the world government are in a position to have enough knowledge about what might happen in the future. The average Joe is bombarded with theory after theory but here’s where theory meets reality. Everything withing this article will be concluded and summed up with some ways to interpret it. Interpretaion of events that occur depends on how you see the past, present and future. I’m not going to go into what I beliewve because I chose to start living in the present. As if I look back, there’s anger, and if I look forward there’s anger. Try and look back, or forwards and see if it’s the problem within you that needs to be addressed.

So yeah, don’t look forwards or backwards unless you define your WHY. If your why is to be angry or annoyed, you need to grasp the reality of the mixture of techniques and knowledge you can use to satisy yourself even if you choose to live in the worst way possilbe, as long as you are happy with your present moments then you will be forever happy. If you don’t want to live in the present, then you better be in the position to have unqestionable desires for the future or the past. Dont’ desire the future or the past, learn to live in the present moment. Avoid all confrontation with the unknown.

Aha, everyone fears the unknown. This is another point well made somewhere in history, that fear of the unknown is a sad way to live. Looking fowards or backwards it will only end in tears unless you are certain WHY you are doing it and you can actually have what you desire about it. It’s a long way from paradise if you can’t learn to cooperate with your journey in life.

Yes, that’s right, life is a journey, somewhere along the line you’re going to have to take the reigns of your journey and value your life in the present moment whether or not you think you should or not. What you think about will either devalue or re-evaluate your life to yourself. Disassociating from the desire to live anything other than is real. Will skew reality and you’re inner realist will fail to see whatever will be, will be.

Trying to change your inner realist with the wrong ideology will lead to you lacking a desire for your life. Allwoing what’s not internal to you, your inner realist will devalue your time you spend living how your life is pereceived by you. Someone once said “perceptiopn is everything.” It is. If you perceive yourself to be doing something you want to do you will hope that what you’re doing gives a meaning to your life.

You could even determine yourself as having no meaning. That life is about nothing. As an ancient Philosopher said.

I know that I know nothing.


Except you could devalue this statement too. However it’s best not to. To know that you know nothing is better than to think you know everything. To think that someone isn’t right would be to place youself higher than them, whenver they are human too. Yes the itrinsic value of life is to understand that everyone on this earth is a human or from the animal Kingdom or even plants, they give us oxygen and then they walk. Plants can talk you say?

This is as fascinating as it gets, plants don’t do much except produce oxygen and food. They stand still and are happy. Which is an obtainable degree of proficency for living your life every day as you so wish to do. Make a wish? If you wish to live a great life then do great things, and if you don’t then admit you’re wrong about yourself and accept other situations you are subjected to. Imagine living only to find out there is no meaning to life, that life is about nothing and it wasn’t that bad after all. I’m not saying you’re here because you are having a bad life, you would only be here if you’re trying to evaluate yourself and find value in the meaning of life.

Well, don’t find value you in it. Learn to grieve a less valuable life than you think it could be. Learn to let go of the intrinsic values to the point of learning to be silent, quiet, lonely, sad, upset, feeling angry but never acting on those emotions/feelings. Learning to act accordingly to who you believe yourself to be is the reality of forgetting everything you know about life and just doing whatever you can to survive. People will tell you how to live your life, but only you can make decisions about yourself that nobody else can make. You can even decide to mimic your inner self by knowing you don’t have to exist outside your own current situation. Your current situatio nis your current meaning for life.

Did I take too long to get to this part? Who knows? You do. If you’re really excited about the meaning of life, then don’t be. To this day nobody can agree what life is about. There are many different explanations and many different lives have existed. Yours is just as important to you, as it is to existing at all. Your importance for life is within you and only you. If you don’t avlue life, then don’t look for meaning, just let it go and live in the present moment.

If I were to reiterate what I’vce just explained I would say that without the ultimate triump for humanity, to have a defintive guide to life, there is no boundaries you are barricaded by than not being able to value yourself enough to want or hope for something. This goes back to the beginning and it’s where I end my advice for what your life may be about and things you have to consider to define a meaning for your life. I can’t forget that if you’re thinking about giving up. tell someone, the number one thing you should do if you’re thinking about it because it’s once and if you let go of your life, telling someone has a higher success rate in survival than any other tactic. I don’t want to say the word here, that pertains to those who give up, it’s definitely not about giving up if you have taken time to get to know what it’s about. It’s about learning to go with the flow and turning to others for advice when it gets tricky.

Don’t look to me, look to the sky. Read my advice and enjoy this summary of the things I explained for determing what to do with your life and how to do it.

The Summary of Things That Help Determine the Meaning of Your Life

  • You have to want life, if you don’t want it, it’s not yours to enjoy
  • If you don’t want life, tell other people and they will give you advice
  • Things you want determine what you hope for
  • A mixture of want and hope is how to have hope
  • If you don’t want anything – tread carefully, unlees you’re like a tree and can stand tall without doing anything
  • Do things and understand that these are the present moment
  • Living in the past or future isn’t for everyonbe, the present moment is where to go if past/future is not good for you
  • Who are you? Find your WHY! You want to know why? Nobody really knows
  • Being succesful at your day to day life is better than trying to be valuable
  • Value yourself and others to maintain peace of mind
  • Learn from others in times of need
  • Forget family if they aren’t serving you family life
  • Never stop loving yourself or looking inwards for the answers
  • Try self-talk to realise your potential – you are only as valued as much as you value yourself
  • Disassociate from things that you struggle to pereive as possible
  • Have the ability to perceive that there may be no meaning to life than survial instrinct and instrinsic values
  • Identify your intrinsic values and perceive this is WHY you are alive – even if you don’t fit the picture you envision
  • Don’t look back, don’t look forward, unless you know you can without grievance
  • Ignore everything except your frief, it will show you a reality about you that can’t be changed
  • Forget eveything you know and let your self become self-reliant
  • The goal is to become self-reliant while there is certainty relying on others is like futile resistance
  • If you feel bad, stop looking fowrwards or backwards
  • If you think there is more to life than this, then do something about it
  • If you think you’re already happy enough, don’t let anyone hurt you

You’re alive, breathe and rest your mind – in the reality – that is who you are, not what you’re expected to be.

There’s no reality than your own so take it from me, I explain here great things about the reality we all face. Your inner realist only knows what you desire. Your desire is not the same as everyone else’s, we are all unique in that one person who reads this could say, this is stupid and another would see it’s valuable enough to compliment you with a free 15 minute consultation which you can book via my contact form. THank you for reading and it’s a pleasure to try and help you conquer yourself before something conquers you.

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