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Why do people say no?

Why do people say no?

by markeyNovember 16, 2020

Filled with the spirit we plod along as autonomous robots to the spirit as an ant colony and it [the spirit] always says no.

So why do people say no then?

The thing is…

We are filled with a spirit and are much like an ant colony under attack by bees that say no to us.

We never say no to the bees.

So the spirit we are filled with allows us to be stung by the bees and where does it ever end? When does the spirit stop stinging us by saying ‘yes’ instead of ‘no.’

People find that no causes more problems than yes so why is the spirit always using our bodies to say no to us?

Google say no to truth. News tells lies. We all should assume no knowledge than to say yes instead of no.

Sadly the spirit is too busy saying no to say yes. It seems to think that it’s righteousness will be forever and that there is no opposing force. There is, free will. Free will is the only way to turn no into yes.

The spirit used to have goodness in it but nowadays it’s always no.

If you remember barbarians, nowadays the barbarians aren’t against the bees but vote for the bees to sting us.

I the Bible it says that those who are stung will wish they were dead.

It doesn’t say when we will stop being stung. People say no to homeless people got god’s sake. We even say no to those that have nothing. What sadistic spirit is in control of our ant colony, our ship, our ark, or will we always be stung so much an ark isn’t supported any longer.

I don’t think we should say no because yes will fix everything that’s broken. The enemy to an ant colony are bees that sting them and no is how the spirit stings us as it pleases, when it pleases.

It I waffle I’ll waste your time so let us conclude the spirit is too busy stinging us than it is to say yes to us.

Sad, sadistic creation we are?

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