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You got the love poem

You got the love poem

by markeyMarch 16, 2020

Who’s got the love to see me through
Oh, I’ve got the love to see you through
It’s a simple love, forgiveness included,
I’m not so inclined deluded

No longer a slave to a catatonic mind,
I think you’ll find you’re all very sweet,
You’ve got hearts of gold and you’re kind
You even like to tickle each others feet

It’s not so dark the life lived well,
In the life not lived like this,
It’s not as well as it’s supposed to be so well,
However it’s not supposed to be like this,

Better ware yearning for humour than not,
To laugh and not cry,
It’s a big big try,
It’s only love you’re besot

We’re in a poem about you’ve got the love,
Like a bigger than life dove,
Peace of mind will ignite the dove,
Anything else and it ain’t love,

You either forgive and forget it we go bye bye,
Yes there’s no love in good bye,
We’re all able to love,
Hate no love.

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