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Your day is not today poem

Your day is not today poem

by markeyMarch 18, 2020

You think we’ve got this?
We don’t got this nor that
This day is not ours for this,
It’s ours for that.

What’s that you say?
Never been a brighter day,
I’ll steer your boat,
So you don’t need a moat.

At times you’ll maybe think you do,
It’s not about who,
It’s about the time it takes you to get on with today,
There’s not much room in today so let’s not have today.

Let’s have tomorrow instead,
On the way to plumstead,
A place in the big smoke,
London, Plumstead, happy smoke.

Yes today we don’t got it,
We don’t got today for it is it,
If you’ve got this day you’re doing better than the rest of the mid life crisis out there,
And is that too much an affair?

Don’t got this day because I’m too busy,
Too busy helping others get busy,
I’ve never got this day alone,
We’re all so very alone.

Imagine your Papa or Mama pack up and leave,
How would you tell them not to leave,
That’s why we don’t got this day,
People can change in as much as a fray.

To think you’ve nailed your day,
Congratulations you big stud,
You’re not a dud,
How dare they say?

Let’s not be having ye grand day ahead,
Because nobody’s got this, nobody,
And if we don’t gots nobody,
We certainly haven’t ceased the day ahead.

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